10 Tips for Being a Top Seller of Cookies for Your Girl Scout Troop

Tips For Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Selling Girl Scout Cookies is a time honored tradition that young girls have been taking a part in for decades. With a unique selection of delicious treats that are only available for a limited time, these should be an easy sell. Yet competition is high, and girl scouts and their troops need to be creative if they want to grab the attention of the cookie lovers in their area.

Try these 10 tips to make your cookie sales soar:

  1. Repeat Business: Look over last year's sales sheets and give an early call to your best customers.
  2. Get off the Block: Residential neighborhoods are saturated with door to door cookie sellers. Take your selling skills to local business districts and malls. There is great opportunity to make bulk sales with local small businesses, where you have multiple employees to make your sales pitch to.
  3. Speaking of Sales Pitch: You should have a few different approaches depending on the circumstance and practice them to perfection using a mirror at home.
  4. Talk up the Benefits: Let potential buyers know where the money is going. Talk about upcoming trips and events or how being a Girl Scout has benefited you.
  5. Network: Use an automated notification service, such as DialMyCalls, to let everyone know Girl Scout Cookies are now on sale. Family members and close friends should all get a message about your cookie selling efforts and a request to help by pitching them to their friends and co-workers.
  6. The Cookie Stand: Setting up cookie stands in front of busy businesses, inside of parks and at local sporting events is a great way to increase sales. Use DialMyCalls to let your opted in network know where you will be. Make your stand attractive with bright signs and free samples of cookies. You could even offer a small cup of lemonade to your customers.
  7. Talk up the Cookies in a Fresh Way: Most people are already going to know about the delicious crisp flavor of thin mints, but they might not know about the Girls Scouts efforts to reduce waste by reducing the packaging in Lemonades and Thanks-A-Lot cookies.
  8. Wear Your Uniform: Always show pride in being a Girl Scout and what that stands for by wearing your uniform during your cookie selling activities.
  9. Set a Goal: Having a set goal in front of you is incredible motivation. Be realistic in your goal setting to avoid disappointment, but once you have it set, mark your progress daily. This helps you to maintain your focus through out the cookie selling weeks.
  10. Plan Ahead for Next Year: Freeze boxes of cookies for next year. This will make you the only early door to door seller who can offer up samples as part of the sales pitch.

The most important things to remember of course are to stay safe and have fun. Always make sure that an adult is supervising you when making door to door or store to store stops and at your cookie both.

Show your love for the Girl Scouts not only by selling the famous cookies, but by smiling as you do it. Be polite and thank everyone, even those who didn't buy. With a sunny disposition and these 10 tips under your Girl Scout sash, you are going to be the cookie salesperson that other scouts look up to.

*Note: Please make sure that you abide by the rules of your local Girl Scout Council when selling cookies as they do vary by location. The ideas in this article are just suggestions to help sell Girl Scout Cookies and in no way depict how you MUST sell your cookies.

DialMyCalls Now Offers Longer Text Messages and Better Text To Speech Recordings

We have recently upgraded two of our most popular features, text messaging and text-to-speech recordings.

Customers of DialMyCalls that are currently using version 2.0 can login and immediately utilize the two new upgrades. Your feedback is extremely helpful and has makes it possible for us to constantly make improvements to our mass notification system.

When utilizing text message broadcasting in the past, customers had to try and fit their important message into 117 characters - the days of trying to cut out important details from your texts are gone! Customers will now be able to send out text messages that are up to 157 characters in length as we feel that is a more appropriate length.

Long Text Message Broadcasts

In addition to longer text messages, we have also upgraded to a new and improved text-to-speech recording tool. The old tool, while it worked, was not the quality that we were looking for which is why we decided to ditch it. Our new and improved recording tool has improved male and female voices as well as the ability to record a message in Spanish as well as English. Please keep in mind that if you choose the "Spanish" option that the message has to be typed out in Spanish.

New Text-To-Speech Recordings

Offering a top-notch mass notification system for our customers is our number one priority. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and your feedback is always appreciated. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us!

Tips For Successfully Running Your Waste Management Company

Waste Management Tips

It is not easy to oversee the daily operations of any company, especially service companies that are heavily relied on. In the waste management industry, you are handling an extreme amount of responsibility, from keeping residents happy to meeting government mandated guidelines for your business. If you are looking for ways to delegate, without your business suffering, we have come up with a list of solutions that you should find helpful:

Residential Service

This is the core of your business and where a large amount of your time is spent. Take a look at the routes you have in place and make sure that they are sensible to your business. Are your trucks passing by neighborhoods that have not yet had a pick-up? Consider the money and time you are wasting by not planning routes that flow smoothly from one residential area to the next. You could cut down on man hours, and subsequently your hours, by mapping out more effective routes.


Are you handling all of the paperwork involved with your company’s compliance with trucking laws? There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to delegate this task to someone else on your staff. Give them time to learn the rules and regulations surrounding the waste management industry, and then put them in charge of overseeing that side of your business.

Staying Connected

Having trucks out on the road requires a reliable way of communication between you and the drivers at all times. Invest in a mass notification system that allows you to send voice and text messages to all of your drivers for when you want to check in. With services like DialMyCalls, there are even features, such as 2-way text messaging, that allow them to communicate back with you.

The mass notification system can also be used to save you time and money in other areas. If you have the contact information from your customer list stored in that database, you can also have them opt-in to your alerts and communicate with them. This can be used to send bill reminders, recyclable material pick up reminders and even messages if you have to delay service due to bad weather. By compacting all of those responsibilities into one convenient place, you cut your work time down substantially.

Fleet Services

Keeping your trucks maintained and cleaned is another aspect of waste management that falls under your jurisdiction. If you set up a maintenance schedule for each truck and enforce it, you can minimize the number of repairs needed each year. Use an online calendar that sends you reminders when a truck is due for an oil change or brakes. This will let you run the rest of the business while keeping those trucks running.

Holiday Schedules

Keeping up with waste pick-up during the holidays puts a lot of pressure on you. First is the special scheduling involved if the holiday falls on a normal pick-up day. Next is planning a schedule that makes sure all of the houses and businesses on your route still receive service either right before, or after the holiday. Then you have to inform those residents and business owners of those changes along with your own staff. With the mass notification system mentioned earlier, you could text those changes to both your customers and your drivers, all at once. That will eliminate a lot of the time you are spending on this task.

A good manager knows how to delegate tasks, not only to other employees, but to technologies as well. When you identify those areas where valuable time can be saved, you are going to also be saving money. Try these tips to see if your waste management company not only runs smoother, but you spend less of your time making that happen.

Check Out All Of The Powerful Features DialMyCalls Has To Offer!

DialMyCalls Features

The new year is officially upon us and we have been busy here at DialMyCalls trying to make a more content-rich website for you, our customers. We are thrilled to announce a brand new features section that has in-depth information regarding every single feature that our mass notification system has to offer.

Each feature that DialMyCalls has to offer now has its own individual page that gives a complete breakdown of what it is, how it can be used and who would benefit from using it. From our industry-leading AccurateAMD™ answering machine detection system to our mass notification portal, our system has so much to offer and now you can see for yourself how each feature could be of benefit to you or your organization. Below you will find each feature that has its own informative page and this page will continue to be updated as more feature are added:

If you have any additional questions regarding DialMyCalls and/or the features that we offer, please contact us today!

How Efficient is Your Water Company Running?

Water Company Tips

As a service provider for such an important element of daily living, managing a community’s water company is a complex responsibility. With considerations as important as water quality and delivery, along with development, you must have strong systems in place to manage your business efficiently and effectively. There are a number of ways to streamline your responsibilities that will give you the opportunity to focus your attention to building a stronger company.

At the Source

You may have a large office building to work out of, but the heart of your business is at the source of your water supply. Take a look at the on-site operations for areas of improvement. Quality control is the focus here, and you have standards in place that ensure quality but have you considered preventive measures?

How often are expert members of your staff walking the perimeter of your water source? Contamination can build slowly from a small issue. Oftentimes these small problems could have been prevented with early detection. By putting in the time and money on prevention, you could potentially be saving millions in the future.

Your Customers

You are providing an essential service to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. Are you up to date in communicating with them and understanding their concerns? To start getting more involved with your customers, create an engaging website that encourages them to register. Have systems in place where they can pay their bill conveniently, post questions to your company, and learn about your safe water practices.

Emergency Alerts

With access to customer phone numbers via opt-in, you can create a database that allows you to communicate with all of them at one time. This is critical in the event that a broken pipe causes disruption of service, or if there is a detected level of contamination at the source. With an mass notification system, such as DialMyCalls, a boil water alert message will be sent instantly to your customer's phones, mitigating the risk of any individuals being harmed.

Effective Communication

Not only is a mass notification system more effective in an emergency, they are useful for all types of communication. With the integration of a service such as DialMyCalls, repair schedules, bill reminders and possible service disruptions can be shared with all of your customers in just a few minutes. This allows you the time you need to focus on the company.

Service Disruption

Regular maintenance of the pipelines and equipment should benefit your customers with minimal disruption of their water supply. How well organized is your maintenance department? This area should be run like a small government, with a number of check points in place to ensure without a doubt that every point in the transport system has been scrutinized. In a business like yours, early detection and prevention is the only way to make sure that your service is continual.

The Home Office

Having a dependable staff to work alongside with gives you the opportunity to delegate responsibility. Take the time to instill ongoing training in all departments so that they are always as knowledgeable as you are in what it takes to run a water company. Your focus is on finding better and more economic ways of providing water, being surrounded by a strong support staff will give you the time to do just that.

In every business there is always room for improvement. Look for innovative ways to make your water company more efficient, and you can begin to raise the quality of your water and the satisfaction level of your customers.

Tips For Making a More Efficient Meals on Wheels Program

Meals on Wheels Tips - DialMyCalls.com

If you are a part of the Meals on Wheels organization, then you deserve high recognition for all of your hard work and dedication to helping the unfortunate. If you are one the committed who has taken on the responsibility of overseeing your local Meals on Wheels location, you have your work cut out for you. From organizing the drives to get the food needed, to getting it to those seniors who need it, every step in the operation depends on your vigilance to keep it running.


As part of being a nonprofit organization, you are dependent on the donations of others to keep running. Fundraising does not only involve asking for money in your case, it could also include food donations and cooking services. To effectively raise the funds and food needed, you should be making your community aware of the importance of your organization. Get testimonials from your recipients and put together a brochure that shows your operations from start to finish. This can be left behind at local businesses whose help you need.

Support Staff

Those you choose to work with need to have the same level of dedication to helping others as you do. When building a team of volunteers, whether those that cook or those that are part of your delivery team, look for attributes that show a high level of caring for others. Show your support of them by including them in the planning and execution of your daily tasks. Have all of your volunteers opt-in to a volunteer outreach system that you utilize, such as DialMyCalls, so that it is easy to stay in touch. From there you can give them scheduling information to help keep delivery running smoothly.


A large sector of your success is dependent on the vehicles used for transportation. To help save your organization money, speak with the owner of a local automobile repair shop about donating their services to maintain and repair your vehicles. Staying on top of vehicle maintenance will help keep these important trucks and vans on the road. It is much more effective to prevent problems than it is to have to waste time and money fixing them.

Lending a Hand

Are your services reaching as many people as possible? It is difficult to pinpoint exactly who will need them. Make your presence known to all of the elderly members of your community in local hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices. Build a strong relationship with those other services in your community that are heavily involved in caring for the elderly so that they can recommend to you people they come across who are in need of help.

Emergency Calls

Is your segment of the Meals on Wheels organization equipped to handle emergency situations? Make sure that you have an effective volunteer outreach system in place, such as DialMyCalls, that can put you in immediate contact with your volunteer teams. During inclement weather the number of people needing your services will increase, necessitating you to call in extra volunteers immediately. Not only do mass notification services let you send messages to a large number of people at one time, they provide a means for your volunteers to answer you back and let you know they are available to help.

With the number of people your Meals on Wheels serves, and the dependence you have on charity and volunteerism to meet that demand, it is important that you take full advantage of every means possible to make your organization run better. Once you do that you will have the means to offer help to even more of the unfortunate in your community

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