New DialMyCalls Video Tutorials Are Now Live!

DialMyCalls Video Tutorials

We have completely revamped our FAQ section and added a plethora of brand new video tutorials that will help members effectively utilize the full potential of our voice and text message broadcasting service.

The brand new tutorial videos are available on the outside of DialMyCalls as well as in the members area of version 2.0. Prior to this recent update only a handful of video tutorials were available - there are now over 15 videos to help you learn how to use the service. Of course we will be constantly adding more tutorials so keep checking back for updates.

DialMyCalls Video Tutorials

Our extensive collection of video tutorials can be viewed by visiting our FAQ or by clicking the individual links below:

If you have any further questions regarding the service, please contact us.

Frightening Good Tips on Throwing a Great Halloween Party

Halloween Party Tips

Halloween does not have to be just for the kids. This is the perfect holiday to let the kid in you don a Superman cape and have some fun with your friends. If you are thinking about kicking the holiday season off early this year with a Halloween party at your home here are some tips to ensure that all your ghosts and goblin friends can make it, and that they have a frighteningly good time.

Pick a Theme: This is not as corny as it may sound. When it comes to playing dress-up, grown-ups need a little more coaxing than kids do. Go traditional with a scary monster theme, or pick a decade. The '70's were fun or go old school with a '20's theme. Once you give your invitees a nudge in the right direction, they will come up with their own creative costumes.

Choose the Date: Halloween is the wrong night to throw a Halloween party. For one, you are going  to spend half the night doling out candies to young trick-or-treaters. Secondly, a good amount of the people you want to come are going to have to bow out in order to do the same at their home. Pick a Friday or Saturday night before Halloween for your party. This will let you give your full attention to all of your guests, plus no worries about getting up early for work the next day.

Send Out Your Invites: Before buying a pack of pre-made Halloween party invitations think about the most common ways you typically communicate with your friends. Create an intriguing text message that you know all of your friends are going to actually open and read and use DialMyCalls to send the message to everyone on your guest list at the same time. Have some fun with the text messages, sending out one every few days before the party date. Remind them to buy a costume, find a babysitter, and if drinking, to pick a designated driver. These fun text message alerts sent through DialMyCalls will keep your party at the forefront of their mind.

Decorate: Decorating should be easy if you chose a theme for the party. You don't need to do the cold bowl of spaghetti, but a scary motif with fake cobwebs, spiders and lots of candles is very festive. Keep in mind that people are still going to need to be able to walk and mingle freely, so don't overdo it with too many decorations.

Music: The music should also go along with the theme of your party. Endless rounds of "Monster Mash" will grow old quickly, but if you chose a decades theme you have 10 years worth of music to choose from.

Food and Drink: You should be serving bite sized appetizers that are easy for your guests to carry around. With a little creativity and food dye you can make pigs in a blanket look like severed fingers, or the punch bowl look like a witches brew. So long as it tastes good and is easy to serve and eat, your guests are going to be happy.

There is no harm in adults having reveling in Halloween too. This is a fun holiday to celebrate where there is no turkey to worry about or gifts to buy. Instead, you get to dress up and for one night just be a kid again.

Your DialMyCalls Account Has Gone Mobile

DialMyCalls Free Mobile App

The very definition of emergency implies that it will come up at the most inopportune time and when you least expect it. When you have the DialMyCalls mobile app already loaded on your iPhone or Android it won't make a difference where you are when impending disaster looms, you will still be able to broadcast your emergency message to everyone in your contact list.

Voice and text message broadcasting is a great tool to have when you need to quickly get in touch with multiple people right away. Communities, schools and businesses are all using DialMyCalls to alert their members and staff about imminent emergency situations and how to react to it. Now with it available as a free mobile app, your DialMyCalls account can be accessed quickly no matter where you are when you first get the news.

A director of operations overseeing multiple retail locations can quickly send a message to store managers on how to prepare the businesses for the possibility of a tornado. A school superintendent can keep the principals and teachers abreast of school evacuation plans in the event of a snowstorm, and those same principals can send a message to the parents right away letting them know that their child will be arriving home shortly.

The DialMyCalls mobile app can even come in handy once the dust settles after an emergency. In the aftermath of a tropical storm, an HOA president will be able to let all of the homeowners and tenants know when to expect power to be restored. People are frightened following a major emergency event but you can use your DialMyCalls app to ease those fears by keeping everyone in your contact list up to speed on what is going on.

It makes no difference what type of account you have with DialMyCalls, every one of them is accessible through the app which will let you record and send your message in the same way you do from your laptop or telephone - additional features and add-ons are only available through the full desktop version of the site.

Expect to find the same easy to navigate interface on the app that you are used to with your DialMyCalls account, making it simple to select the contact lists that need to receive your voice or text message broadcast. No matter if you are in a busy airport or out to dinner with friends, your app is available, giving you instant access to your DialMyCalls account.

There is no fee for downloading the DialMyCalls mobile app, so there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't already be using it. Set up your mobile app today and make sending important messages to your important contacts even easier.

Tips For Landlords on Improving Security in Your Apartment Complex

Apartment Complex Security Tips

Apartment building living has security issues that are not present for homeowners. Complexes are often the target of crime, as it is assumed that the tenants inside are mostly seniors or single women. As a landlord it is in your best interest to keep your building as secure as possible. Not only to help keep the tenants and their belongings safe, but also to protect yourself against any liability if an unfortunate robbery or attack was to occur.

Securing the Building

  • Strengthen the Perimeter: Starting from the outside make your building as unattractive to undesirables as possible. This means having adequate lighting around the entire building. Also check ground floor entry points and make sure that they are fastened with additional locking devices. Fire escapes can be a potential hazard as well, so be sure that they are inaccessible from the ground.
  • The Lobby Check-point: There should be a system in your apartment complex where only residents and their guests are permitted to pass past the lobby. This restriction should include door to door salesman, delivery companies and even postal carriers. The less unknown people wandering the halls of your building, the less chance there will be of a problem.The cost of doormen will be well worth the peace of mind to your tenants. Set the security station up with access to your DialMyCalls account and instruct the guards to send a text message broadcast immediately to a tenant if someone wants to visit, do repairs or drop off a package. Even if the tenant is not at home, they will receive the text on their cell and can respond using the 2-way texting feature. Doormen should also sign for and hold packages until the tenant can pick them up at the desk. Just let them know in the text message that the box or envelope will be in the security station until they come and sign for it.
  • The Apartment Building Watchdogs: HOA's and small communities use neighborhood watch systems to ward off crime with great success. You can encourage the same in your building on a smaller scale. Arm every tenant with your buildings DialMyCalls text message keyword and encourage them to send an alert if they see or hear anything suspicious. Instruct the security team at the front desk to respond to those texts immediately. This could be a lifesaver when a tenant is trying to remain undetected by an intruder.
  • Surveillance and Alarms: You might want to consider surveillance cameras and alarm systems in your building if the crime rate in the area is particularly high. Often times just the presence of a camera and a security system sticker are enough to deter criminals from trying to enter a building.

Not only does securing your building keep the tenants safe it can help you with reducing rental turnover. People who feel secure and protected in their rental apartments are less likely to leave them.

Implementing an active security system in your apartment building will benefit everyone. Put your plan into effect as soon as possible to begin letting the criminals know that your building is off limits.

Top 4 Advantages of Web Based Services Over Installed Software

Web-Based Notification System

As we are entering a new realm of cloud-based internet services, we are seeing the disappearance of installed software. It is now believed that the convenience and ease of these on-line services will eventually lead to software being sold as a service as opposed to as a product.

This SaaS (Software as a Service) approach is being embraced by businesses and industries of every type and size for a number of compelling reasons:

Cost Effectiveness

When you use web-based software there are no upfront costs or investments needed - you no longer need to buy multiple software packages for all of the desktops used in your business. Ongoing costs are also minimized as the provider of your online service is taking care of any maintenance issues. With traditional software you might need to install additional hardware to support the program adding to the overhead.

Web-based programs are typically sold as a monthly service that can be absorbed into your company budget. Most are very low cost and will even offer features that allow you to pay per use as opposed to a monthly plan. DialMyCalls is a great example of this. You can use the web-based notification system completely free, or you can buy credits that allow you to send messages via phone call, text message or email. You control how much you pay each month, if anything.


Everyone has experienced issues with software programs installed on hard drives that suddenly stop functioning right. Not only is this effecting the productivity of your business, it is costing you more money to have fixed. On top of that is having to ensure that everyone is running the same versions of the installed programs. With a web-based program the entire business is utilizing the exact same programming tools at all times.

Web-based software is also faster than your typical boxed set. Access is easy and can be adjusted to suit the needs of your business as you see fit. Take for example the web based notification system offered by DialMyCalls, it is a high speed service that thanks to its location online can be accessed through your mobile phone, laptop or desktop. You will not get that type of flexibility and efficiency from an installed broadcasting service.

Work Anywhere

The flexibility of web-based software allows employees to work in and out of the office with ease. They see what you see so there is no worrying over missed data or miscommunications. Most of this innovative software also encourages on-line chatting among users as well as messaging services. This helps to encourage your teams to work together making for a more productive work environment.


When you use an online software program there is no worrying about the security of the information being stored there. These sites are protected by sophisticated programs to ensure that your data is safe. As an administrator, you have the power to control which users are able to access what information, eliminating the fear of an employee accidentally falling into confidential information.

Now is the time to consider upgrading your company to web-based services. As an administrator you will have the ability to track your employees progress. Productivity is increased while at the same time you are saving your business a lot of money.

School Text Messaging and the Parent Teacher Relationship

School Text Messaging

Staying in touch with your class room parents and maintaining positive communication is a top priority for every teacher. You can make it easy on yourself and the parents by using modern methods like SMS text messaging regularly. By setting in place clear lines of communication from the start of the school year you can expect a supportive group of parents who are willing to work with you in educating their children.

The First Week

In order to effectively use SMS text messaging to stay in touch with your student's parents, you will first need to ask for mobile phone numbers. Use open house night at school as your opportunity to first broach the subject of text messaging with the parents and ask that they provide you with the information you need. You will be surprised at the large number of parents who will show enthusiasm for your innovative approach to staying in touch with them.

Getting Set Up

Once you have the phone numbers you need, you can add them to your DialMyCalls account. Make them a special group to make it even easier when you want to send a message. Have fun with the first message by sending a welcome SMS broadcast, thanking them for their cooperation with your communication efforts. Also remind them to make a note of unique SMS keyword for future communications. This message should go out within two days of your initial meeting.

Weekly Updates

Keeping parents up to date on what is going on in the classroom helps to foster the teacher-parent relationship. Have a message ready for the end of the day every Friday that lets the parents know how the week went for their children. Highlight one or two activities and mention any pending assignments that may need to be done over the weekend. This not only gives the parent an idea of how school is going, it could serve as a basis for a dialogue with him and his child.

Classroom Supplies

Parents and teachers both know that kids are notorious for waiting until the last minute. Especially when they need special items to make a school project. Stay one step ahead of your students by sending your parents a monthly shopping list of what their children will need to complete assignments.

Two-Way Text Messaging

DialMyCalls offers 2-way SMS texting that can further engage parents in classroom activities. If you need volunteers for an upcoming field trip or would like ideas for improving spelling scores you could pose the question to the parents in a SMS text message and then track the answers from your account. You benefit by getting the support you need from the parents and they benefit by being able to actively participate in their child's education. Most importantly, the students benefit by having the advantage of a classroom that is focused on their best interest.

Being consistent and positive with your school text messaging ensures that they will be well received all year long. Use them to create parent-teacher relationships whose main purpose is to foster the growth and education of your students.

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