Send Robocalls & Political SurveysDialMyCalls offers robocalls and political surveys to aid politicians in winning upcoming elections.

There's a reason almost every major political campaign strategy includes sending robocalls: because it works. With DialMyCalls, campaigns both big and small can take advantage of the power of robocalls.

We've helped hundreds of candidates win elections - from local mayoral races to major state-wide races for senator. Our system is one of the easiest and most user-friendly dialers around, with the power to send millions of calls a day.

Note: Political robocalls may not be sent to cellphones without prior written consent. Utilize a carrier lookup service to remove mobile phone numbers from any call list that you plan on sending a political message broadcast - accounts that do not abide by current robocalling laws will be terminated immediately.

Why Should You Use DialMyCalls For Sending Robocalls?

  • DialMyCalls is not some faceless system. With many other companies, you're sending them a list of phone numbers & a recording and hoping that those calls go out. Using our control panel you actually manage everything. You tell the system which message to send to which phone numbers and when to send it. While your robocalls are being sent you can see in real time what happens with every single phone call.
  • Detailed reporting and graphs show you exactly what happened on every individual phone call, including if it was answered by a human or answering machine & how long the call was connected for. If you sent out a poll you'll see the results of the poll with the ability to download and sort through your data. This is particularly important for follow up calls to people who are indecisive on which way they are voting.
  • Best of all we are robocall & political calling experts. We know what works and what doesn't and we can help you get the most bang for you buck. We provide completely free consultation to all of our customers and can walk you through everything you might need. Call us at 1-800-928-2086 to speak with someone today.

Types Of Robocalls

  • Basic Political Robocalls
  • Political Polls & Surveys
  • Get Out The Vote / Last Minute Calls
  • Push To Forward Calls
  • Volunteer Notifications & Rallying Support

This is the way to tell people to do things you want!

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