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Hurricane Season Facts and Preparation Guide

Top Hurricane Season Tips, Facts and Preparation Guide

The winds and rains produced in a hurricane have the potential to do massive destruction in just a few hours. Even though we typically have a couple days' notice on their impending arrival, the force can still take us by surprise. Cities, towns, college campuses, schools, homeowners, and anyone else living at risk of a hurricane need to have a decisive plan in place for dealing with this type of storm.


Hurricane Season Facts

Hurricane Facts and Information

Your first step in preparing for hurricane season lies in knowing what you are dealing with. Forecasters may be talking about an approaching storm for days, but you won't be able to properly prepare yourself, school, or town unless you know what they are referring to.

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DialMyCalls Case Studies – Let's Play Sports (Team Calling)

Let's Play Sports - Team Calling

DialMyCalls offers a  team calling system that is used by hundreds of sports leagues all across the United States and Canada. Leagues, Individual teams and coaches rely on our service to send out automated notifications such as game cancellations, team photo reminders, schedule notices, parent notifications, and much more. Let's take a quick look at how Let's Play Sports utilizes DialMyCalls:

Why Did Let's Play Sports Need a Team Calling Service?

Let's Play Sports needed an "idiot-proof" system to send out calls and texts to different regions for their sports leagues.

Why Did Let's Play Sports Choose DialMyCalls?

Let's Play Sports heard about DialMyCalls from someone using us for their gym memberships and decided to go with our service because of their recommendation.

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How Hotels Are Using Text Messaging to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Top 7 Hotel SMS Text Message Tips

The hospitality industry has, historically, been somewhat slow to adapt modern technology. The size, scope, and relatively low profit margins of the business make it hard to adapt to change - even in large hotel conglomerates.

However, there's one area where hotels are using advanced technology to the benefit of both themselves - and their guests. SMS text messaging.

SMS broadcasting offers hotels a quick, easy way to send important information to their guests - and when implemented correctly, guests can also respond to hotel messages. This streamlines communications dramatically, and can lead to a much better customer experience.

Let's take a look at how hotels are using text messaging to increase communication capabilities, and improve customer satisfaction.


Reservation Reminders - Top 7 Hotel SMS Text Message Tips

1. Reservation Reminders

Most guests are not likely to forget about their trips - but reservation reminders are still a handy way to remind guests about their stay in your hotel, and offer them other value-added services.

You can ask guests when they anticipate arriving, whether they'll require a car to get them at the airport, if they're interested in having a beverage upon arriving at your hotel, and other basic questions.

These questions allow you to personalize their customer experience. In addition, sending a reservation confirmation via SMS makes it easy for a customer to access it when they actually check in. This reduces the burden on your front desk staff, and can help make guest check-ins more fast and efficient.


Event Alerts - Top 7 Hotel SMS Text Message Tips

2. Alerts About Upcoming Events and Specials

Whether you have a guest staying for work or play, chances are they're not totally familiar with the area. SMS text messages provide hotels with a non-intrusive way to inform guests about special events around town, shows that are popular among other guests, and other recreational activities.

You can even inform guests of things like the weather and traffic conditions every morning - this makes it easy for them to enjoy their stay, and plan for their day.

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DialMyCalls Case Studies – YMCA of South Florida (Nonprofit Notifications)

YMCA of South Florida - Nonprofit Notifications

DialMyCalls offers a nonprofit notification system that is used by thousands of nonprofit organizations all across the United States and Canada. Nonprofits rely on our automated calling and texting service to send out various notifications such as membership collection calls, fundraiser alerts, event reminders, volunteer outreach alerts, social club reminders, and much more. Let's take a quick look at how YMCA of South Florida utilizes DialMyCalls:

Why Did YMCA of South Florida Need a Nonprofit Notification System?

YMCA of South Florida had ~ 60% collections prior to signing up for DialMyCalls and wanted to increase that rate. DialMyCalls will send out messages when card on file is declined and can't bill for YMCA membership.

Why Did YMCA of South Florida Choose DialMyCalls?

YMCA of South Florida was referred to DialMyCalls by another YMCA in Orlando that uses us.

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Keep Your Retirement Community Safe in the Summer Heat With These Tips!

Top 5 Tips for Your Retirement Community During Summer Months

If you manage an assisted-living facility or a retirement community, summer can be a dangerous time. Elderly folks are more susceptible to issues like heatstroke and dehydration, making them more likely to be seriously harmed by prolonged exposure to heat.

Because of this, residents of your retirement community or assisted living facility are at disk during summer heat waves. However, with some basic precautions, you can keep all of your residents safe and secure - even during the hottest summer weather! Read on, and learn about 5 simple tips you can use to keep your residents cool, happy, and safe!


HVAC Maintenance - Top 5 Tips for Your Retirement Community

1. Make Sure Your HVAC Units Are Functioning Properly

Ideally, this should be done in the late spring. If you have central A/C, have a professional HVAC specialist come in and analyze the overall health of your A/C systems. Vents, ducts, and HVAC units should be checked for functionality.

If your community uses window A/C units, the same advice is applicable. Have an HVAC technician check each and every window A/C unit. If one goes out while a resident is at home, they could be in serious danger - especially if they're sleeping and don't notice until things have already heated up.


Sun Exposure - Top 5 Tips for Your Retirement Community

2. Try to Minimize Time Residents Spend Outdoors - and Cover Up!

Prolonged sun exposure can be very harmful for your residents, and being outside in the summer heat can take a toll on their physical health. Strenuous outdoor activity dramatically increases the chances of heat stroke and heat exhaustion, so outdoor activities should be limited as much as possible.

You should minimize the time that your residents have to spend outdoors, and have staff members on alert, observing individuals who choose to go outside, and who may be at risk of problems like heatstroke or heat exhaustion.

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How to Set up Your Own Press-1 Phone Call Campaign

Press-1 Phone Call Campaigns


A press-1 phone call campaign allows for automated call recipients to press the 1 key on their phone to be connected to a live representative for more information. Live transfer calls are often used for sales leads but organizations such as churches, sports leagues, property management groups, and many more utilize the benefits that these types of calls can offer. Let's take a dive into just how press-1 call campaigns work and take a look at how you can utilize them for your organization.

How Does a Press-1 Phone Call Campaign Work?

Organizations looking to reach a list of contacts all at once can set up their own mass notification system. With DialMyCalls, once an account is set up, customers are able to add the press-1 for live transfer option to any automated call that they set up in our system. Simply add your list of contacts to your account, create a recording to be sent out, then when you go to set up your broadcast, select the "Push-To-Talk" option which is our version of a press-1 phone call campaign --- you are able to select which phone number your contacts will be transferred to should they decide to press 1 for more information.

Learn More About DialMyCalls' Press-1 Phone Call Campaigns

Who Can Use Press-1 Phone Call Campaigns?

Lead generation robocalls are typically associated with press-1 phone call campaigns but there are many other ways in which this technology can be utilized. Organizations ranging from churches to property management groups can use live transfer calling. Below are a few different types of organizations using press-1 phone call campaigns:


Churches & Religious Organizations - Press 1 Phone Call Campaigns

Churches and Religious Organizations

Pastors and church secretaries are able to send out automated prayer requests, church bulletins, donation reminders, and much more using a system such as DialMyCalls. Using a press-1 campaign, members of their congregation will be able to speak directly to the pastor for more information regarding upcoming church services or to request a special prayer during the next service.

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