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Top 7 Ways Event Promoters Can Sell More Tickets

Top Event Promotion Tips

Event promoters have a tough job. Whether you're promoting a concert at an enormous venue, or simply trying to bring in more people for a special event at a bar or nightclub, it can be tough to sell as many tickets as you need to - and turn a profit.

Below are 7 valuable tips that will help you promote your next event:


Early Sales - Top Event Promotion Tips

1. Start Selling Tickets Early

Do you want to know the #1 thing that will stop someone from going to an event they're interested in? If they see an announcement about your event, go to your website, and find out they can't buy tickets yet!

A customer who wants to buy a ticket - but can't - may become frustrated, and then never come to your event. Alternatively, they might try to remember your event and get a ticket when it goes on sale - but they could forget, and fail to purchase their ticket in time.

Either way, this results in a lost sale. So you should start selling tickets early - ideally, as soon as you announce your event. You can even offer discounts and special promotions to customers who pre-purchase tickets - "early-bird" specials are always popular among event-goers.


Group Discounts - Top Event Promotion Tips

2. Offer Group Discounts

Most people don't go to concerts, events, or shows alone. So take advantage of this! You can raise the prices of individual ticket slightly, but offer group discounts.

You could offer discounts based on the size of the group. For example, maybe a group of 4 is eligible for a 10% discount on every ticket - while a group of 10 or more can get a 25% discount.

Group discounts are super helpful for marketing your event. Money-conscious consumers will try to recruit their friends and family to come to your event so that they can save money - that's the best "word-of-mouth" marketing that money can buy!

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5 Safety Tips to Prepare Your School for Winter Weather

Winter Weather Safety Tips

Halloween has passed which is the official sign that winter weather is impending. For school boards and administrators this means getting their schools ready for cold air, icy walkways and all of the other issues that come with the onset of winter. Start getting your schools ready now, before that temperature starts getting dangerously close to freezing.

1. HVAC Maintenance

Don't wait for the boiler to break down in January, schedule an appointment with your HVAC company now. A broken heater in January can shut your school down for a week. The HVAC tech will look over the entire heating system, change any filters and make sure that it is ready to handle the coming cold and keep the kids in school.

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Top 5 Ways Country Clubs Can Communicate Effectively With Members

 Top 5 Country Club Member Communication Tips


At country clubs, member satisfaction should always be your highest priority. A country club succeeds - or fails - based on being able to bring in new members and provide an excellent membership experience.

Obviously, there are many different things that contribute to a great membership experience. From clean locker rooms and bathrooms, to friendly service at the bar or country club restaurant, and well-maintained facilities like golf courses and tennis courts, it's all essential.

However, there is one aspect of customer satisfaction that is often overlooked in country clubs - member communication!

90% of country clubs want to increase member usage of their club - and 79% are seeking to improve their customer satisfaction experience, according to Club Benchmarking. And the best way to do both of these things is with a smart member communication strategy.

Read on to learn more about how country clubs can communicate more effectively with members.


Modern Tech - Top 5 Country Club Member Communication Tips

1. Use Modern Technology and Traditional Media

You should be using modern technology to communicate with your members. Ideally, this includes things like a responsive and well-designed website, an email newsletter, and regularly-updated social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

A strong online presence is the best way to bring in new, young members, and will help your country club become more competitive.

However, you shouldn't overlook the power of traditional physical media, such as physical club newsletters and announcements, pamphlets, and postcards. Mailed media is still a great way to reach club members, given that 98% of people check their mailbox on a daily basis.


Customization - Top 5 Country Club Member Communication Tips

2. Customize Your Communication Strategy

Here's another great strategy for member communication - customization! If you can customize the way that you communicate with each member of your club, you can ensure that they are satisfied with the frequency (and method) of club communications.

For example, an older couple who has been a member of your country club for 30+ years may prefer to get updates about the club via email, or from physical flyers, pamphlets, or physical newsletters. If you can make a note of this and tailor your communications appropriately, they will be much more effective.

On the other hand, a younger or more tech-savvy club member may not be interested in physical mail at all, and may instead opt-in to SMS text messaging from a service such as DialMyCalls, or prefer to follow the club's social media profiles to receive updates.

Again, if you tailor your updates to their preferences, you can save money and increase member satisfaction. And by ensuring that members are never sent more messages than they are comfortable with, you can reduce the likelihood that they will opt-out of club communications altogether.

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5 Tips For Turning a Snow Day into a Family Fun Day

Top 5 Family Fun Snow Day Tips

No two words spoken at home can cause the paradox that "snow day" does. Kids are thrilled to learn they get to enjoy a free day off from school, while mom and dad are terrified to find out they have an unscheduled day where they must provide entertainment at home. Take the terror out of a snow day alert by being prepared with some entertaining ways to keep the kids from burning up with cabin fever:


Relax - Family Snow Day Tips

1) Let the Morning Pass By Slowly

Embrace the impromptu day off with nothing planned, and stay toasty in your pajamas for a few extra hours. Let the kids turn the living room into a campsite using blankets and couch cushions. Drag out the sleeping bags and spend the better part of the snowy morning just snuggling, telling stories and snacking on foods that are normally a no-no in the morning.


Enjoy - Family Snow Day Tips

2) Frolic in the Snow

Midday is the best time to get out into fresh snow, as this is likely going to be the warmest part of the day. Pile on the winter gear and let the kids burn off their energy outside. You have to shovel your driveway anyway, so why not let them build a snowman or make snow angels alongside you. Bigger kids can even help with the shoveling task, giving you some free time to throw a snowball or two before it's time to head back inside.

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How to Establish a Strong "Feedback Culture" for Your Small Business


As we've said time and time again on our blog, communication is key to just about everything in a small business. No matter what line of work you're in, open and honest communication can help boost employee engagement, increase customer satisfaction, and boost profits!

In the spirit of helping your business succeed, we're back with another article to help you communicate more effectively in the workplace. In this blog, we'll look at the importance of feedback, and establishing a "feedback culture" for your small business.

Establishing a great feedback culture helps employees understand how they're doing - both where they're excelling and where they need improvement. It also promotes a healthier, more constructive working environment. So read on, and see how you can improve your business!


Performance Reviews - Small Business Feedback Culture Tips

1. Ditch Annual Performance Reviews

Annual performance reviews have been used in businesses for decades - but research has indicated that they can actually impact employee satisfaction negatively!

Not only that, HR managers say that annual performance reviews “take up too much time” - and only 6% of all HR professionals think that their performance review system is "useful".

More and more companies are choosing to ditch annual performance reviews for either periodic or project-based reviews.

Periodic reviews usually occur every couple months, and are much less involved than a yearly performance review. This helps employees keep track of their progress over a shorter period of time, and get more regular feedback on what they're doing well - and what they can do better.

Project-based reviews are also quite simple. At the end of a major project, managers get together with their employees to examine overall performance. This provides regular, informed, and relevant feedback that's easily-actionable and useful.


Top-Down Method - Small Business Feedback Culture Tips

2. Top-Down Method

You can't create a feedback culture without being willing to take some positive - and negative - feedback yourself. If you are a small business owner, or high in the management structure at a small business, you need to lead by example.

Don't just give your workers feedback - ask them to give you detailed feedback on what's been going well, and what could be improved upon.

When your employees see that feedback goes both ways, they're more likely to be encouraged to share their true feelings about your business. In turn, this can help you improve how you manage things, and boost employee satisfaction!

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6 Simple Tips to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Top 6 Tips for Effective SMS Marketing Campaigns


SMS marketing is extraordinarily effective. While folks may tend to ignore phone calls and emails, they almost never ignore a text message. In fact, it's been estimated that up to 98% of SMS messages are opened, and the vast majority of text messages are read within 2 minutes of reception.

SMS marketing is a great way to bring in more customers, advertise your services, and increase customer loyalty. But if you're just getting started in the world of SMS marketing, there is a lot to learn.

DialMyCalls has compiled six simple tips that will help you utilize SMS marketing. Take a look, and start marketing your business more effectively today!


Striaght To The Point - Effective SMS Marketing Campaigns

1. Get Straight to the Point

When you're writing SMS messages for your business, you have 160 characters to work with. That's it. For comparison, an email subject line is usually around 70-80 characters. This means that you have to be very direct when creating your text messages.

You don't have much room to work with, and you want your customers to clearly understand what you are trying to communicate.

Minimize unnecessary or flowery language, and err on the side of simplicity when creating SMS marketing messages. Within seconds, your customer should be able to understand:

  • Why you sent them a message
  • What benefit it has for them
  • What they have to do to take advantage of your offer
  • When (or if) the offer will expire

If your SMS message doesn't fulfill all 4 of these requirements, go back to the drawing board, and think about how you can make it more clear and simple.


No Spam - Effective SMS Marketing Campaigns

2. Don't Overdo It (NO SPAM!)

How many times should you send messages to your customers? That's a good question - and unfortunately, we don't have a clear answer for you.

However, we recommend that you use caution when sending SMS marketing messages to your customers - you probably shouldn't be sending a message every day, for example.

If you send too many messages to your customers, they're going to be angry at you for spamming them with unwanted offers - and they may opt-out of your SMS marketing list, or stop coming to your business altogether.

You should consider splitting your customers into different segments. Using an SMS marketing tool such as DialMyCalls, it's easy to make custom groups of phone numbers, and send out separate messages to each list.

For example, loyal customers who often come to your business may not mind getting a message from you every day or two.

On the other hand, customers who are less familiar with your company may not be as likely to appreciate regular messages. Send them one or two messages a week - and include attractive special offers that will bring them into your business, and turn them into a loyal customer.

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