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Automate Your Summer Camp Parent Notifications

summer camp notifications

DialMyCalls’ voice broadcasting service is the perfect tool for Summer Camps all across the country to keep an open line of communication with parents.

Parents in the United States and Canada who are looking for a little free time this Summer will oftentimes send their children so various Summer Camps. It’s really a win win situation as kids will get to have fun with other kids their age, partaking in fun outdoor activities and making new friends while their parents will get a little alone time.

DialMyCalls helps keep an open line of communication between parents and their children while they are away at Summer Camp. Our voice broadcasting service allows camp counselors to send daily alerts if requested and instantly reach them in case of an emergency at the camp.

On top of daily parent notifications and emergency alerts, DialMyCalls can also send out registration reminders and a special message, reminding parents that Summer Camp is almost over and that their child will need to be picked up on a certain day at a specified time.

Summer Camps all across the country and sign up for a free DialMyCalls account and try out our parent notifications today!


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