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DialMyCalls Training: New Public Webinars Are Now Live!


We are proud to announce that we have just launched our brand new online webinar training to introduce DialMyCalls to everyone.


Customers, new and old, can now visit DialMyCalls' brand new webinars page and sign up for a crash course on how to send out voice and SMS broadcasts through our completely web-based system. Each week one of our staff members will be giving in-depth training sessions on how DialMyCalls can be used to simplify calling hundreds to thousands of people. [click to continue...]

DialMyCalls How To: Send Text Messages Using The New iPhone App

DialMyCalls now offers the ability to send text messages right from your mobile phone with our brand new iPhone app - it's completely free to download in iTunes.

Members, new and old, have a great new way to utilize the power of DialMyCalls' voice + SMS broadcasting service - a completely redesigned iPhone app! The newly revamped app has one major addition in version 2.0 - SMS broadcasts are now available on the go.

The free iPhone mobile app offers members the ability to login to their account, create a text message, select a list of contacts, whether it be 10 or 10,000, and then send that message to everyone instantly - you no longer have to use the web-based admin to send out your SMS broadcasts.

Setting up a text message using the DialMyCalls iPhone app only takes a couple of minutes - let's take a look at just how easy it is below:

DialMyCalls iPhone App

Step One: Login to the DialMyCalls iPhone app with the email address and password that you used when you signed up for a free account - if you have not already done so, Create A Free Account Now!


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DialMyCalls How To: Record The Perfect Voice Message


Recording a professional sounding voice message to send out to your business, clients, friends or family can be a tricky task.

Today we are going to go over a few steps to help our members record the best possible voice message to use with DialMyCalls. The first thing you are going to need to do is sign up for an account with DialMyCalls - it's free and extremely easy!

Once you have signed up for your account, you are going to want to add some contacts that will receive the voice message you are about to record. To do this, just go to the My Contacts tab of your account and either enter them manually or from an Excel spreadsheet. Now that you've added your contacts to your account, let's record your message!

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DialMyCalls How To: Personalized Message Recordings With Professional Voice Talent


DialMyCalls.com now offers the ability to have your voice messages recorded by professional voice talent.

Do you have a voice message that needs to get out but don't have the tone for it? DialMyCalls now offers the ability to choose from 14 different voice actors who will happily record your personalized message for you. Don't worry about your message not sounding professional enough anymore, hire a pro to record it for you!

Let's take a look at the how you can take advantage of our brand new voice talent service, just follow the steps below and you can be on your way to professionally recorded voice messages:

Step One: If you haven't already, sign up for a DialMyCalls account - it's completely free!

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DialMyCalls How To: Text Message Coupons and Mobile Marketing

text message couponsBusinesses and organizations using text messaging/mobile marketing for promotional use are required to follow all the FCC and your state laws regarding sending automated phone calls or texts. Your customers are required to opt in to receive any kind of message from you, and you must never send any kind of unsolicited message. For texting you can have your customers opt-in to a list via text message, for example text COMPANY NAME to 80123 (our short code), which will opt them in to texts from you.

DialMyCalls.com offers business owners and consumers the ability to take advantage of an extremely popular trend in our society - text message coupons and mobile marketing!

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DialMyCalls How To: Create, Record, Send Custom Voice Messages


Today we will teach you how to create customized voice messages using our mass notification system.

DialMyCalls offers four different ways to send all of your friends, family or business associates voice messages in a quickly and effective manner. There is no need to undergo the hassle of buying expensive hardware to send out automated calls; we offer our service via any web browser or touch-tone phone. How can you create a customized message using DialMyCalls?

For those of you with access to a computer, we offer three highly effective ways to setup your personalized recording. Below is a brief description of the methods to recording a custom voice message that DialMyCalls offers its customers:

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