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Tropical Storm Debby Text Message Alerts

Tropical Storm Debby

Tropical Storm Debby formed in the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend and has been slamming Florida with tons of rain and extreme weather.

Amidst the massive amount of rainfall that Tropical Storm Debby is producing, the extreme force of nature is also creating deadly tornadoes. It is said that at least one person has died due to the tornadoes that were spawned by the slow moving storm off the coast of Florida. With sustained winds now at 50 mph, Debby could quite possibly move ashore near the panhandle of Florida. What are Tropical Storm Debby Text Message Alerts and how could they help your community?

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Heavy rain causes extreme flooding in Florida


Over the weekend, Pensacola, Florida was ravaged by heavy rains that caused extensive flood damage.

An estimated $20 million in damages is being reported in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties in Pensacola, Florida. The damage is due to a severe weather system that wreaked havoc over the weekend, causing extensive flooding. At least one person has been confirmed dead as a result of this weekend's storm in Pensacola. (Source: USA Today)

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Tropical Storm Alberto and Hurricane Season 2012 Weather Alerts

Hurricane Season 2012

The 2012 hurricane season doesn't begin until June 1st but Tropical Storm Alberto seems to have arrived a little early to the party.

On Saturday March 19, 2012, the first named storm of the 2012 hurricane season became a reality as tropical storm Alberto loomed off of the coast of South Carolina. While the storm only had maximum sustained winds of 45mph yesterday at 5pm EST and posed no threat to the United States, it has people on edge and getting prepared early.

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Tornado Season 2012 Disaster Recovery and Emergency Alerts

tornado alerts

Make sure that your city is prepared for the worst during the peak of tornado season by setting up an emergency alert system.

Tornado season began back in March for most southern states and for the northerners it's just getting underway. While several small towns and cities already have tornado alerts in place, most of the time they rely on loud sirens to alert everyone - some times the warnings are too late or even ignored.

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University of South Alabama Robbery Locks School Down

campus alerts

The University of South Alabama went into a full fledged campus lockdown on Sunday following an armed robbery in one of its college dorms.

This past Sunday, an armed robbery in a dorm on the campus of the University of South Alabama had the school in lockdown mode. After a student was robbed at gunpoint, officials at the school sent out a message on their official website, alerting students of the situation at hand.

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Virginia Tech Massacre Five Year Anniversary


Today marks the five year anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre in which 32 people lost their lives at the hand of Seung-Hui Cho.

Tragedy will forever live on at the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia as the 2007 massacre is the worst mass killing in United States history. The campus will not be closed for the first year since the shooting took place and will be holding events all day long as they remember the victims who were taken from the world too soon.

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