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Amber Alert System Helps Find Missing Children Quickly

amber alert system

An Amber Alert System is critical in every city as finding missing or abducted children is an extremely serious situation - it is best to be prepared for the worst.

DialMyCalls offers an extremely efficient and effective Amber Alert System that small municipalities, cities and even whole states can use to alert their residents of missing children and child abductions. Quickly send out a text message to the entire community with the description of the missing child, the clothes he/she was wearing and the last place and time they were seen.

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Colorado Wildfires Spark Dire Need for Emergency Alert System


A recent wildfire in the mountainous region southwest of Denver, Colorado has claimed at least one life and left a path of destruction.

According to the Associated Press, authorities had to order the local residents of approximately 950 homes to evacuate due to the extreme nature of the wildfire. One sheriff's deputy, who was alerting people via his patrol car was trapped after he ran into a ditch because of the thick smoke - this is where an Emergency Alert System from DialMyCalls would come into play.

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Solar Flare Hits Earth, DialMyCalls Sends out Emergency Alerts

solar flare

DialMyCalls.com is prepared to send out notifications and emergency alerts in response to the solar flare that is headed for earth.

Today might seem like a normal day to everyone but for The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) it's a complete different story. U.S. Space experts are monitoring recent solar flare activity which has spawned a giant geomagnetic storm which is currently racing towards Earth!

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Hurricane Rina Text Message Alerts

hurricane rina

While some folks are preparing for snow, Cuba, Key West and Florida are keeping a close watch on Hurricane Rina.

In the event that Hurricane Rina does make a drastic move and heads towards Key West, citizens should be prepared by using DialMyCalls to send out text message alerts. By signing up for our service, which is free, you will be able to create a list of contacts that you can send a text message to in the event of an emergency - send thousands of messages at once.

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Blizzard Preparation Using Snow Day Calls For Extreme Winter Weather

snow day calls

Prepare for winter 2011 by setting up a blizzard preparation voice broadcasting service to send out snow day calls for school closings and community emergencies.

A blizzard is a serious force of nature and this winter we here at DialMyCalls want everyone to be prepared. Our snow day call system will allow communities and schools to send out notifications to thousands of people in an instant. The last thing anybody wants is to get trapped in a terrible snow storm - be prepared with DialMyCalls!

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Hurricane Ophelia Text Message Alerts

hurricane ophelia

Tropical Storm Ophelia is steadily strengthening out in the Atlantic Ocean and DialMyCalls wants you to be prepared should it make landfall in the United States.

DialMyCalls knows a thing or two about hurricanes as we are located in Jupiter, Florida and we know that being prepared is vital. With Hurricane season at its peak, Tropical Storm Ophelia will most likely strengthen before it threatens to hit the United States and our text message alerts can help you, should the storm make landfall in your area.

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