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Father's Day Phone Calls Send Out Funny Messages For You!

Father's Day is right around the corner and DialMyCalls offers a free service to send your dad a funny and/or loving message on his big day.

Father's Day 2012 will be celebrated on June 17th and what better way to kick it off than with a funny personalized message sent from you to your old man. DialMyCalls offers a free voice broadcasting service that will allow you to record your own message and then send it to your father at absolutely no cost.

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Mother's Day Phone Call Spreads Love And Appreciation

mothers day 2012

Mother's Day 2012 is right around the corner (May 13, 2012) and sons/daughters all across the world are searching for that perfect gift for mom.

In some cases, some folks might actually forget that all important Mother's Day phone call in which they express their appreciation for the person who brought them into this world. DialMyCalls hopes to reduce the chance that people will actually forget to call their mom with their voice broadcasting service - it's free to sign up and use!

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Send Your Love A Free Valentine's Day Message

valentines day messages

Using the power of DialMyCalls, you can send that special someone in your life a free personalized greeting for Valentine's Day 2012.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and hopeless romantics all across the country are looking for that special gift to send their loved one. DialMyCalls will allow you to create, record and send a personalized message; whether it be a Valentine's Day poem or a simple confession of your love - best of all its absolutely free!

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Girl Scout Cookies Text Message Alerts

girl scouts text message alerts

It's Girl Scouts Cookie season and DialMyCalls offers a great solution for troop leaders all across the country to keep in touch with their customers.

DialMyCalls can utilize its mass notification system to send out Girl Scout Cookies text message alerts. Local troop leaders can set up an account with us and then begin using the power of text messaging to spread the word on their Girl Scouts and sell a ton of cookies. How exactly do our text message alerts work?

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DialMyCalls Sends Out Free New Years Eve Party Invitations

new years eve

DialMyCalls.com is the perfect solution for planning your New Years Eve party to ring in 2012.

Are you in a state of panic as you try and plan the perfect party for new years eve 2011? DialMyCalls' voice broadcasting service is here to save the day as it acts as your personal party planner. Record a custom, energetic party invitation and instantly send it out to all of your friends with the click of a button - signing up is absolutely free!

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Santa Calls Send Personalized Holiday Greetings During Christmas Season

santa calls

DialMyCalls is proud to announce the launch of our free Santa Calls to help celebrate Christmas.

Send your child a personalized message from Santa Claus this Christmas season with our brand new Santa Calls. Brighten the day of your children when they receive a special voice message from the North Pole!

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