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DialMyCalls Celebrates Cyber Monday With Huge Savings


DialMyCalls is proud to announce its participation in the Cyber Monday craze by offering a 20% discount on all of our credit packages and monthly plans.

Members who sign up for an account with DialMyCalls today will immediately receive our special Cyber Monday sale pricing - all credit packages and monthly plans* are 20% off. Existing members will be able to purchase credits at the discounted rate as well.

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DialMyCalls How To: Set Up Your Own Local Vanity Number

vanity numbers

Members of our voice broadcasting service have the option to set up a unique local vanity phone number that will show up on the caller id when they place their calls.

Are you ready to send out hundreds to hundreds of thousands of calls using DialMyCalls but don't want to use your own phone number? We have the perfect solution for you - local vanity phone numbers! Members can now easily search through our database and select the perfect number to show up on their recipients' caller ids.

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Automate Your Summer Camp Parent Notifications

summer camp notifications

DialMyCalls' voice broadcasting service is the perfect tool for Summer Camps all across the country to keep an open line of communication with parents.

Parents in the United States and Canada who are looking for a little free time this Summer will oftentimes send their children so various Summer Camps. It's really a win win situation as kids will get to have fun with other kids their age, partaking in fun outdoor activities and making new friends while their parents will get a little alone time.

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Notify Citizens Of Summer Water Restrictions With Automated Alerts

Water Restrictions

Summertime is here and with the blistering heat comes water restrictions in cities all across the United States.

It's summertime in the United States and millions of Americans are fighting off the record-breaking heat. Of course with the intense heat comes a severe lack of water which results in extremely dry conditions and a nationwide drought. Local cities and even entire states are already enforcing water restrictions as they deal with the lack of water in their counties.

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Radioactive Tuna Threatens California Sushi Lovers

radioactive bluefin tuna

Over a year after the catastrophic earthquake in Japan, fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster is making its way to America.

Researchers have been studying Pacific bluefin tuna since 5 months after the Fukushima nuclear disaster and their findings have been quite astonishing. Tissue samples revealed that the tuna contained two different types of radioactive material with levels that were higher than previous samples collected. What does this mean for Americans in California who enjoy sushi?

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DialMyCalls How To: Voice Broadcasting Made Easy

voice broadcasting

Voice broadcasting has never been easier with the mass notification system that DialMyCalls offers to its customers.

Are you in need of a voice broadcasting service that is efficient and cost effective? DialMyCalls.com offers the ability for everyone to take advantage of sending out voice messages online with our extremely easy to use mass notification system.

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