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College Announcements, Fraternity and Sorority Party Invitations

college announcementsBack to school 2011 is in full swing and Colleges around the country are gearing up for the fall semester. 

DialMyCalls is participating in the back to school craze by offering our mass notification service for both college announcements and fraternity / sorority party invitations. How exactly can college campuses take advantage of our voice / text message system? 
Professors can use our automated calling to alert students of class cancellations or assignments that are due. Universities can send out a voice message to their alumni, reminding them of upcoming fundraisers or charity events at the college that they graduated from. DialMyCalls is an extremely reliable system that Colleges can depend upon to deliver their important messages. 
On top of the professors and universities benefiting from DialMyCalls, College fraternities and sororities can also use our mass notification system. Planning a huge bash to kick off the 2011 Fall Semester? With DialMyCalls you can send out thousands of party invitations via voice message or text message. Make sure people show up to your college kickoff party by using our automated calling system today!
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