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DialMyCalls Changelog (June-July 2017)

DialMyCalls Changelog -- June-July 2017

DialMyCalls has implemented several development changes during the months of June and July to create a better user experience for our customers. Most of the changes were behind the scenes but a couple of them are improvements on existing features – please take a few moments to take a look at the current changelog below:

July 12, 2017 —

Access Control System Updates - DialMyCalls Changelog June-July 2017

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  • One of the biggest and noticeable changes is a major update to our Access Control System. Our developers have tweaked the system in place to make it a lot more user-friendly. Customers using our Access Accounts will now be prompted to make a Permission Group before they can proceed to making User Accounts.

    In addition to the mandatory creation of a permission group, both the “Users” tab and “Permission Groups” tab will auto-refresh once a new group/user is created — previously users were required to refresh the website for changes to appear.

June 2017 —

  • Revamped our back-end email + postcard system.
  • Updated all blog posts to be more user-friendly.

Intercom - DialMyCalls Changelog June-July 2017

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  • Officially launched Intercom chat client sitewide.
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