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DialMyCalls How To: Voice Broadcasting Made Easy

voice broadcasting

Voice broadcasting has never been easier with the mass notification system that DialMyCalls offers to its customers.

Are you in need of a voice broadcasting service that is efficient and cost effective? DialMyCalls.com offers the ability for everyone to take advantage of sending out voice messages online with our extremely easy to use mass notification system.

Signing up for an account with DialMyCalls is a quick process and best of all, it’s free! We allow our members to -try” out our voice broadcasting service at no charge – you are allowed to send out one voice message to 25 people per week.

Once an account is created, members are then able to record their own custom voice message and send it out to all of their friends, instantly. After your recording is in our system, import your list of contacts and send it to them all with the click of a button – it’s that easy!

If you are looking for a great voice broadcasting service, sign up for DialMyCalls today and try us out for free!


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