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DialMyCalls Training: New Public Webinars Are Now Live!


We are proud to announce that we have just launched our brand new online webinar training to introduce DialMyCalls to everyone.

Customers, new and old, can now visit DialMyCalls’ brand new webinars page and sign up for a crash course on how to send out voice and SMS broadcasts through our completely web-based system. Each week one of our staff members will be giving in-depth training sessions on how DialMyCalls can be used to simplify calling hundreds to thousands of people.

Our newly revamped online training webinars will walk customers through setting up an account from start to finish. By the time the tutorial is finished, members will be able to add contacts, create recordings and send out call or text broadcasts with the click of a button – additional features will be discussed in detail as well.
In addition to the two general DialMyCalls webinar sessions each week, we will also be hosting monthly sessions for specific groups such as churches & religious groups and team sports – private corporate training sessions are available upon request.
Learn how to start using DialMyCalls to send out mass notifications today by signing up for one of our weekly webinar training sessions! For a complete list of all of our sessions, please take a look at the official DialMyCalls Webinar Schedule.
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