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Girl Scout Cookies Text Message Alerts

girl scouts text message alerts

It's Girl Scouts Cookie season and DialMyCalls offers a great solution for troop leaders all across the country to keep in touch with their customers.

DialMyCalls can utilize its mass notification system to send out Girl Scout Cookies text message alerts. Local troop leaders can set up an account with us and then begin using the power of text messaging to spread the word on their Girl Scouts and sell a ton of cookies. How exactly do our text message alerts work?

The Girl Scouts troop leader can sign up for an account at DialMyCalls.com – it's absolutely free to sign up, no hidden fees or charges. The next thing that needs to be done is for a special keyword to be chosen. This will be the unique keyword that people text in to the SMS short code to opt-in to their Girl Scout Cookies text message alerts. For example, the Girl Scouts troop leader can choose the keyword "COOKIES."? Locals interested in buying Girl Scout cookies can then text "COOKIES"? to 80123 which will automatically add them to the troop leader's DialMyCalls account.

A custom welcome message can be created and will be sent out to every one that opts in to receive the Girl Scout Cookie text message alerts. (Example: "Thank you for your interest in buying Girl Scout Cookies, we will message you with more details soon! – Girl Scouts of South Florida"?)

The Girl Scouts troop leader can then login to their account on DialMyCalls and instantly send everyone who opted in to their alerts a unique text message! (Example: "Girl Scouts of South Florida will be at the store on Southern Blvd. between 9am and 5pm selling cookies!")

Using our monthly plans an unlimited amount of text messages can be sent out – this is perfect for these type of alerts!

Start sending out Girl Scout Cookies text message alerts today by signing up for an account with DialMyCalls.   


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