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Hurricane Katia Text Message Alerts

hurricane katia

Tropical Storm Katia will develop into a hurricane later this week as it slowly heads toward the United States.

While Tropical Storm Katia poses no potential threat at the moment, DialMyCalls.com recommends you have a mass notification system in place, should it make landfall in the United States. The soon-to-be Hurricane Katia could wreak havoc on certain areas of the U.S. and our unlimited monthly text message plan can help you be prepared. How do our hurricane text message alerts work?

One service that DialMyCalls offers is unlimited text message alerts each month. Being that Hurricane Katia poses a future threat, you could set up your own emergency notification system. Small municipalities, communities and even entire states could benefit from our text message notifications. All you would have to do is sign up for an account, import a list of all of the contacts you want to send the hurricane text message alerts out to and voila! With the click of a button, thousands of people can receive your message in a matter of minutes.

Will the roads be closed because Hurricane Katia caused flooding? Is your community under a mandatory evacuation? Are people that you know missing and you want to spread the word that you are looking for them? DialMyCalls allows you to create your own custom text message and send it out to everyone in your contact list. Best of all, our monthly plan allows you to send an unlimited amount of text message alerts to your entire list of phone numbers!

Even though Hurricane Katia is still a good distance out, don't be caught off guard should the storm pose a threat to the United States. Sign up for DialMyCalls and set up your own emergency notification system today!

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