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Hurricane Rina Text Message Alerts

hurricane rina

While some folks are preparing for snow, Cuba, Key West and Florida are keeping a close watch on Hurricane Rina.

In the event that Hurricane Rina does make a drastic move and heads towards Key West, citizens should be prepared by using DialMyCalls to send out text message alerts. By signing up for our service, which is free, you will be able to create a list of contacts that you can send a text message to in the event of an emergency – send thousands of messages at once.

Once your contacts are imported into your DialMyCalls account, you may then set up your own Hurricane Rina text message alerts. Let your family know that you are safe and sound, warn locals of potential dangers such as flooding and high winds and send out evacuation notices should Rina threaten the lives of anyone in its path.

Don’t be caught off guard with Hurricane Rina looming below the United States. Sign up for DialMyCalls today and prepare your emergency text message alerts.


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