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Thanks for visiting our notification solutions blog. From here we explain how best to use the DialMyCalls mass notification system for each industry. Learn how businesses, schools, churches, retail and other industries can streamline their communication with voice and text broadcasting proven to get fast results!

How Do Automated Snow Day Phone Calls Work?

How Do Automated Snow Day Phone Calls Work?

Use the power of DialMyCalls to send out thousands of automated snow day phone calls with the click of a button. Snow days are critical for students as well as for the parents, particularly during extreme winter weather conditions. Problems arise when many parents or guardians are unable to get an announcement, notification or alert message, which should be done by school authorities. When alerts about the weather that are not received by the people affected by these conditions, this results to confusion, panic, unpreparedness, anxieties and sometimes cases of accidents. DialMyCalls has changed all of that by offering an extremely easy-to-use and effective mass message notification system. What Are Automated Snow Day Phone Calls? The use of snow day phone calls as a school massive weather notification system through voice/text messages greatly helps to inform, alert and advise school members, whether it be students and their parents, faculties or

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