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Reducing Your Risk: Send An Automated Product Recall Notice To Avoid Disaster

Product Recall Notice

When a product is suddenly found to be dangerous to the public, getting that information out to the public quickly is of utmost importance. Especially when it involves food items. A product recall is enacted when the discovery of a safety issue or product defect is discovered. The public is then encouraged to return the product back to its producer.

As soon as a safety issue is detected, stores and distributors are alerted to remove the product from the shelves immediately. This process can take time as the initial notification is usually made as a press release. Manufacturing companies could do a better job of protecting consumers by broadcasting a phone call or text message to the affected outlets.

While not every business has access to live radio or T.V. during the day, they all will be accessible by phone. This makes the automated product recall notice a more viable means of communication during this critical time. Manufacturers who need to pull a product quickly can accomplish this more effectively with a phone call or text message.

For the message system to work, a company would need to have developed a database of all of their distributor’s phone numbers and import it into a service like DialMyCalls. If the information is available, they should also store any phone numbers from their customers. These could found by using credit card applications and payments as well information from customer satisfaction surveys – customers can be made aware that they are opting in to receive emergency alerts in the event of a product recall.

In the past years, there have been major recalls on such items as baby foods and juices. A manufacturer would want those products gone from the shelves as soon as possible. Since the numbers are already stored in their DialMyCalls account, they simply would have to record one message and it would be sent to everyone in their contact list. Furthermore, they will receive a report showing how many of those calls made it to an actual person. This allows the company to quickly follow up with another round of calls to those distributors who did not answer or receive the initial message.

Time is of the essence in these situations, and everyone involved needs to act as quickly as possible. DialMyCalls is the perfect solution for these types of situations. The faster you act, the less likelihood that an innocent consumer will be harmed. By sending the product recall notice out quickly, and therefore preventing consumer’s access to it, you are not only protecting your clients from harm, you are protecting your business from potential legal action against you.

This technology can also be utilized in other types of product recalls that don’t involve food. For example, you could encourage consumers to fill out customer information cards when they buy your product. This way, if a recall on a part of your product or the entire thing is necessary, you have a bank of communication information that can put you in direct contact with the consumer.

This can be extremely useful in products that are manufactured specifically for safety purposes, such as infant car seats.

As the benefits of using automated product recalls become more evident, expect to see more manufacturers taking advantage of services like DialMyCalls to protect their consumers from defective products.

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