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Santa Calls Send Personalized Holiday Greetings During Christmas Season

santa calls

DialMyCalls is proud to announce the launch of our free Santa Calls to help celebrate Christmas.

Send your child a personalized message from Santa Claus this Christmas season with our brand new Santa Calls. Brighten the day of your children when they receive a special voice message from the North Pole!

Our Santa Calls allow parents to select one of nine custom Santa Claus holiday greetings and then choose their child’s name from the list that we have available. Once the special call from Christmas’s jolly old fellow is scheduled, you as a parent will just sit and wait for the magic to happen.

“North Pole” will show up on your caller-id and that is when you can hand the telephone to your child. Watch the smile on their face as they listen to a personalized greeting from Santa Claus himself.

Spread some holiday cheer this Christmas by using DialMyCalls’ free Santa Calls!


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