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Daily Fishing and Surf Reports via Voice or Text Message

DialMyCalls.com has the perfect solution for all of you avid fisherman and surfers out there for this summer. Our automated calling system can be of great benefit to surfers and fisherman alike by offering daily surf reports and/or fishing reports. Local beaches and fishing clubs can sign up for our service and then allow people to opt-in to their mass notification system. Are you curious to know how the surf is today? Dying to go out fishing and want to know what's biting and where? DialMyCalls and our mass notification system is the solution for you. How does it work? Boat captains can sign up for our service and import a list of all of their close fishing buddies phone numbers or open it up to the public by advertising an opt-in form. From that point, the captain can send out a daily fishing report via text or voice message

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