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Atlantic Hurricane Season 2013: Prepare For The Worst With Automated Weather Alerts

DialMyCalls.com offers automated weather alerts for its members to prepare for hurricane season 2013.   The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season will officially begin on June 1, 2013 and according to experts, it's going to be an "above average" season this year. Philip Klotzbach and William Gray, meteorologists at Colorado State University, predict 18 storms, nine of which will strengthen into hurricanes. (Source: ibtimes.com)   Residents living in areas of the United States that must prepare for hurricane season 2013 can sign up for an account with DialMyCalls and begin setting up their own automated weather alerts. Our system offers families, businesses, churches, and even entire cities an extremely easy and effective way to send out important messages via phone and text.   Let's say that during the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season, a storm is projected to hit your city and you must evacuate. DialMyCalls would allow cities to send out

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