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Radioactive Tuna Threatens California Sushi Lovers

Over a year after the catastrophic earthquake in Japan, fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster is making its way to America. Researchers have been studying Pacific bluefin tuna since 5 months after the Fukushima nuclear disaster and their findings have been quite astonishing. Tissue samples revealed that the tuna contained two different types of radioactive material with levels that were higher than previous samples collected. What does this mean for Americans in California who enjoy sushi? While the bluefin tuna did travel over 6,000 miles with radioactive materials on-board, the threat to the United States is minimal. Researcher Nicholas Fisher, who reported the findings, was "kind of startled" at the amount of cesium (radioactive material) found in the bluefin tuna – the levels were 10 times higher than previous samples tested. That being said, the recent radioactive bluefin tuna is still SAFE to eat by limits that have been set

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