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DialMyCalls Automates Staffing Notifications And Employee Reminders

Save time and money by setting up automated staffing notifications with our completely web-based voice broadcasting service. Managing employees is a daunting task for companies both large and small and can cause quite a lot of stress for the person in charge. DailMyCalls looks to alleviate the stress of management by automating staffing notifications and employee reminders – notify your entire staff instantly with the click of a button. Employee calling trees are a thing of the past as modern technology has helped improve how companies can interact with their staff. Staffing notifications allow management to send out alerts via voice + SMS regarding shift availability, schedule changes, emergency alerts, event reminders, and much more – it's an extremely versatile system that can help companies and their employees keep in contact.  Malisa is one of our members who utilizes DialMyCalls for staffing notifications and here is what they had to

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