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Tornado Season 2012 Disaster Recovery and Emergency Alerts

tornado alerts

Make sure that your city is prepared for the worst during the peak of tornado season by setting up an emergency alert system.

Tornado season began back in March for most southern states and for the northerners it’s just getting underway. While several small towns and cities already have tornado alerts in place, most of the time they rely on loud sirens to alert everyone – some times the warnings are too late or even ignored.

DialMyCalls offers an extremely quick and efficient mass notification system that can be used for extreme weather and tornado alerts. Instead of relying on loud sirens that may or not be heard by everyone, cities and towns can send out hundreds of thousands of voice messages and text messages in a matter of seconds.

How To Send Automated Tornado Alerts

Import the phone numbers of your entire city into the DialMyCalls control panel and then record your tornado alert message. Once danger is imminent, the message can instantly be sent out to thousands of people in a matter of seconds – text messages and emails are also sent.

Make sure that your city is prepared for the 2012 tornado season by using DialMyCalls to set up an emergency alert system.


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