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What is an Automated Phone Dialer?


We have all heard of automated phone dialers, what are they exactly?

DialMyCalls offers mass text / voice messaging which is essentially an automated phone dialer. The concept is quite simple to grasp but often times there are so many different names for mass notifications that it gets rather confusing. The service that we offer is often referred to as: robo calls, automated calls, mass notifications, an auto phone dialer as well as numerous other names. Despite having 1001 ways of being called, the service we offer remains unchanged.

What we offer here at DialMyCalls is an extremely easy to use mass notification system. Users can sign up for our service and instantly start sending their friends / family / co-workers customized voice / text messages. What sets us apart from all of the automated phone dialer services out there? For one, our prices are pretty much unbeatable and our notification system is able to handle tens of thousands of calls per second. We also allow users to set up and send out their automated calls from any web browser; no more ridiculous hardware needed. On top of offering standard voice / text messages, we also offer some premium options.

Politicians can use our political polling feature to reach out to there potential voters and ask them a question via voice message. In turn, the answer to the voice message poll [Press 1 if your voting for Bob, etc…] are logged and instantly available for the DialMyCalls user to view via his/her control panel.

Perhaps the biggest feature that sets us apart from other automated calling services is our text message blasting. Instead of sending out thousands of voice messages, DialMyCalls allows you to send out text messages as well.

The lesson here is that an automated phone dialer is what we offer here at DialMyCalls; a service that allows you to send out thousands of voice / text messages, instantly.


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