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DialMyCalls is an extremely powerful mass notification system that can be utilized from almost anywhere. While we are a completely web-based service, our customers have a variety of methods in which they can send out a voice or SMS text message broadcast.

Web-Based Control Panel: To access every feature that we have to offer, you can sign up as a new customer or login to your existing account at www.DialMyCalls.com from any computer with internet access.

Above Image: Log into DialMyCalls from any browser with an internet connection to access every feature that we offer.

In addition to our traditional web-based control panel, users can access our service using the following methods:

Mobile App: iOS and Android users have the ability to install our mobile app which is available to download in iTunes and the Google Play store – the app is free to install. When using the mobile app, customer’s can set up and send out standard voice broadcasts and text message broadcasts – advanced calling features cannot be added through the mobile app.

Above Image: Utilize DialMyCalls through our free mobile app for iOS and Android.

Phone-In System: Customer’s that have purchased either credits or a monthly plan are able to utilize our phone-in system to create a new recording and schedule a voice broadcast. An internet connection is not needed when using this method – everything is done by calling into our toll-free number and using your account number and personal pin number to log in over the phone. *Contacts must have been previously added to your account by logging into the web-based control panel. Only standard voice broadcasts can be sent through the Phone-In System – advanced calling features and text message broadcasts are not supported.

Above Image: Utilize the Phone-In System to create a voice broadcast. (V2)


Phone-In System V3
Above Image: Utilize the Phone-In System to create a voice broadcast. (V3)

Mobile Website: Customer’s that do not want to install a separate mobile app are able to take advantage of our mobile-friendly version. Once logged in, you will be able to create recordings and send out both voice and text message broadcasts from your mobile phone – advanced calling features are not available while using the mobile-friendly version of DialMyCalls. The full version of the site is available on mobile phones and can be accessed by switching to the full-featured website.

Above Image: Utilize our mobile-friendly site to access your account from any mobile device.

If you have any further questions regarding the various methods in which you can access your DialMyCalls account, please contact us.

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