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DialMyCalls In The News - Page #4

Featured here are articles published by the most reputable national and international media. These articles have been gathered through the years of operation of our company and are being constantly updated.

Top 5 Ways You Can Help Your Child Succeed in the Classroom

PJMommy.com - April 11, 2013

Many schools now use electronic notification systems to communicate about homework, curriculum matters, and even meetings. Using these systems can keep you up to date on what's going on in your child's school and you can help out simply by paying attention to these school notification systems.

DialMyCalls' new iPhone app sends voice & text message broadcasts on the go (Photos)

Examiner.com - February 25, 2013

Do you have an important message that needs to get out to hundreds or thousands of people instantly? DialMyCalls, a local Jupiter, Florida voice broadcasting company, has the perfect solution for you. The company is used by tens of thousands of organizations across the country to send both voice and text messages to large groups of contacts with the click of a button - the new iPhone app now allows members to use the service on the go!

DialMyCalls - Taking Communication to a New Level

RealTimeTricks.com - February 19, 2013

Why DialMyCalls? Mobile phone has its own limitations. With DialMyCalls, you can communicate with a larger mass of customers, clients or simply friends without any time delay. Group calling was never so easy!

App Spotlight: DialMyCalls automates group calling, texting

PCWorld.com - February 11, 2013

What you need is a way to blast out a pre-recorded phone message or a text message. That's the idea behind DialMyCalls, an app that lets you blast out phone and text messages right from your smartphone. A new 2.0 version just hit Apple's App Store; an updated Android version should be along soon. DialMyCalls comes from the Web-based service of the same name, but obviously it's way more convenient to set up and launch an automated call on your phone.


PinkNinjaBlog.com - December 19, 2012

The look on her Face is a look I will never forget. There's magic behind those eyes, Santa called her lol. If you're looking for Santa to pick up the phone and give your little ones a call head over the DialMyCalls website, they have it set up so asking Santa to call your kid is easy, and free! You can do all of it right from your computer! Pretty awesome, isn't it!

Free Santa Calls | Have Santa Call Your Child

JennsBlahBlahBlog.com - December 11, 2012

Then I find out this year there's free Santa Calls. I guess they were around last year too, but we missed them. This year it's perfect my 8-year-old is right there, she's starting to wonder about Santa. Heck she might even know, but she knows she has to believe to get gifts, lol. So what better than a call from Santa to push her to believe in the magic of Santa just a little longer.

Reboot your holiday traditions tech style

SheKnows.com - December 10, 2012

This year, hand over your cell phone to your little one (who always asks for it anyway) and let him take a free phone call from Santa Claus personalized with his name, courtesy of Dialmycalls.com. You simply choose from nine messages that your child can receive, pick the time, date and phone number you want the call sent to. Santa will do the rest!

DialMyCalls Review: Text and Voice Broadcasting Made Easy

TechieApps.com - October 16, 2012

Are you organizing a party soon and need to send hundreds of invitations to your loved ones? Or, If you are a part of an organization and need to notify all your co-workers about the scheduled meeting? Or, If you are a social person and like to stay in touch with all your acquaintances all the time? Then, DialMyCalls.com is just the thing you might be looking for, an answer to all your needs and a solution to all your problems!!!

What's The Killer App of The 2012 Election?

Forbes.com - September 17, 2012

Are you getting the robo-calls? Of course you are. They usually come during the day and leave a message on your home voicemail. Mass voice calling is mainstream and, sadly, we're getting used to it. If you live in a cold weather area you're already getting these from your school district. And now we're getting them all the time from our candidates. Produced the right way, a quick voice message can be informative and helpful without being intrusive. Small companies like mine now have the ability to take advantage of the same technology.

DialMyCalls celebrates National Day Of Prayer with special promotion

Examiner.com - May 3, 2012

Hundreds of churches and religious groups use DialMyCalls to send out church notifications, prayer requests, fundraiser alerts and various other voice/text messages to their congregations. To help celebrate today's National Day of Prayer, DialMyCalls is offering new and existing users 250 free credits (one credit equals a 30 second voice message or text message to one person).

Automated calls from Santa provided by Jupiter firm

PalmBeachPost.com - December 14, 2011

The Jupiter voice broadcasting service, which provides web-based phone dialing software to send automated voice messages and text messages, is offering free custom holiday calls for kids of all ages. Santa will place the phone calls on the date and time specified by the customer. The calls are available through Christmas Day.

80s Theme Party Reminder

Celebrations.com - June 30, 2011

I was able to record and upload a quick but fun, themed reminder to share with my friends. Instead of the standard, "Hi, just a reminder we have a date Saturday!" message the gals got a fun preview of what was in store for the weekend. I didn't have to call anyone. Dial My Calls did that for me. Can you say super easy? I'm sure there are a lot of people out there, like me who will find this reminder from DialMyCalls.com a blessing.

How to Make 75 Verbal Parent Contacts in Under a Minute

K12MobileLearning.com - October 6, 2010

Voice blasting can send thousands of phone messages by sending a pre-recorded message to a list of selected contacts. It's like sending a mass text message, only you're using your voice to send the message instead of your fingers. Many school districts already use these services to broadcast major school announcements, such as school cancellations and delays.

The Three Best Group Messaging Free Web Apps

SmashingApps.com - February 9, 2010

You can use DialMyCalls to send group announcements to your friends. Remind them of parties, events, or any other announcement you may have. It's really fun to use and even useful in daily life. You can use their free service and send 1 group call per day to 25 people or less that is sounds interesting.

Use Dial My Calls to Send One Message to a Group of People

GeekSugar.com - November 28, 2008

Ever wish you could send out a voice message to a group of people in your contacts list? Thanks to a neat site that I discovered on Lifehacker, this is now possible! With Dial My Calls, you can send one message to all your friends for things like sharing an announcement, telling them there's been a change of plans, or reminding them of an upcoming event. Kinda like sending a mass email, except this message comes with the sound of your beautiful voice.

DialMyCalls Sends Voicemail to Multiple Recipients

LifeHacker.com - November 25, 2008

Web service DialMyCalls sends mass telephone messages to a user-defined group. If you've ever been part of a phone tree that, for example, spreads word that your softball game has been called off, you can see how a service like DialMyCalls could come in handy.

DialMyCalls: Quickly Send Voice Messages to Entire Phone List

MakeUseOf.com - September 17, 2008

Have you ever looked at a list of phone numbers with horror, knowing you had to call each one and tell them the exact same message? DialMyCalls has an easy solution for you. It is an online service which lets you record a message and then send it out to a list of phone numbers all within a matter of seconds.