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Send Staffing Notifications

DialMyCalls lets you easily send a phone call or text message to your entire staff in seconds. It's the perfect employee reminder tool for meetings, staffing emergencies and more!

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Below are just a few of the groups that are using us to keep everyone informed.

Our mass notification system allows companies to quickly contact staff members via voice + text message. Send out schedule changes, job openings, event reminders, or extreme weather alerts that directly affect the jobs being performed by those employed by your company.

Our web-based notification system make sending out hundreds to thousands of staff notifications instantly – login to your account, create a message and then send it to everyone with the click of a button.

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Why Use DialMyCalls For Your Staff Notifications?

Employee Management

Managing hundreds to thousands of employees can be stressful which is why DialMyCalls is a great tool to automate staff notifications – manually dialing everyone on your call list is a thing of the past!

Staffing Notifications

Our Staffing Notification System can send out alerts to employees regarding available shifts, scheduling changes, important event reminders and closure notices due to extreme weather or maintenance.

Automated Phone Polls

Companies can utilize our sophisticated automated polling system to receive immediate responses from staff regarding upcoming shifts – find out who can work and fill job openings quickly!

What DialMyCalls Users Have To Say About The Service:

"I'm writing to thank you for your wonderful service! DialMyCalls makes my life easier and allows me to be much more efficient and effective at what I do. As a President of a National Executive Search Firm, the number of people I need and want to speak to on a daily basis is growing exponentially. DialMyCalls gives me the opportunity to reach more people in less time so that I can focus on what's really important - helping people find work, and helping companies find first-class professionals. Thank you for making my life easier."

- Kingmaker International

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