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The DialMyCalls Annual Scholarship

DialMyCalls offers scholarship contests throughout the year to give students a chance of winning money for their education. The school notification system, located in Jupiter, Florida, first began to host an annual 'Tweet for Success Scholarship Contest' in 2013 as a way to give back to the local students. DialMyCalls learned quickly that students all across the United States love the idea of winning a scholarship by submitting a Twitter-inspired entry of 140 characters or less.

Since launching the annual scholarship contest in 2013, DialMyCalls has received over 32,000 unique entries and has provided college students with thousands of dollars to put toward education. With the success of the Twitter-inspired scholarship, DialMyCalls now offers a larger scholarship for students that submit an essay on the current scholarship contest topic. Keep checking back as DialMyCalls will be hosting scholarships throughout the year!

DialMyCalls Annual Scholarship

Most Recent Scholarship:

DialMyCalls.com Fall 2018 Scholarship

Entry Deadline:

August 22, 2018

2018 Fall Scholarship Winners:

First Place - $1,500: Jeremiah Saxton [View Full Entry]

Second Place - $500: Lillian Barfield [View Full Entry]

About DialMyCalls.com

Founded in 2007 DialMyCalls has become a leading provider of mass notification services to schools all over the USA and Canada. Our school notification system technology has changed how mass notifications work allowing schools to easily notify parents, teachers and students within seconds of emergency events, school closings and a wide variety of other important messages. With no hardware to purchase schools can send phone call, text message (SMS), and email notifications easier and more affordable than ever before.

In The Meantime, Try DialMyCalls Right Now!

All scholarship entries can use the coupon code FALL18 to get 50 free calls / text messages. Sign up here and try it out completely free. Below are just a couple uses students have for DialMyCalls' school notification system:

School Closure Alerts

In times of bad weather or other emergencies, make sure you notify parents in advance that school will be closed...
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Emergency SMS Alerts

How to notify students, parents, teachers, staff, and anyone else your school needs to reach using our emergency texts...
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Bullying Tip Line

Easily set up a phone number to allow students to call in and report bullying that they witness around school...
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Campus Event Reminders

Do you have an upcoming event for your fraternity, sorority or another club? Send out automated reminders via voice or SMS...
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Virtual Classrooms

See why so many virtual schools rely on us to send their students notifications about deadlines, information, and...
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Absentee Notifications

When a student is late or absent, send a call or text message to the parents making them aware of the situation...
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Sports League Alerts

When you're on the field and need to send a reminder to your team, our app will let you instantly send a phone call or text alert...
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Tuition Reminders

Keeping up with college tuition can be tedious -- receive automated tuition reminders via voice + SMS broadcast...
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Library Notifications

Use DialMyCalls to send automated overdue or late book reminders by phone call or text message...
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