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What Makes Our Voice Broadcast Software Great

We make it easy for you to create, schedule and send your automated phone call to all your contacts at once. Take a look at all the voice broadcasting features our service offers:

AccurateAMD Icon

Accurate AMD

During voice broadcasts our AccurateAMD™ answering machine detection system helps determine whether or not the call was picked up by a live person or an answering machine (voicemail).

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Control The Caller ID

Control The Caller ID

Customers are able to verify a phone number on their account that can be used as their custom caller id that is displayed when broadcasts are sent out to their contacts - vanity phone numbers are available for purchase.

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Live Answer Messages Icon

Live Answer Messages

Customers now have the ability to select multiple recordings for a single broadcast. Choose one that will play during a live answer and a play back a different recording when an answering machine is detected.

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Personalized Recordings

Personalized Recordings

A great message is key when utilizing DialMyCalls' voice broadcasting service - record messages that engage your recipients to ensure that they listen to your entire recording.

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Push To Leave A Message

Push To Leave A Message

Our Push To Leave A Message feature allows customers to give their call recipients the option to leave a message which is available for playback in their broadcast report.

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Push To Opt-Out

Push To Opt-Out

Adding this feature to your call is completely free and will give your recipients the ability to push a key on their phone to opt out of any future calls from you.

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Push To Repeat

Push To Repeat

Adding the push to repeat feature to your voice broadcast will give your recipients the option to listen to the message one additional time.

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Push To Talk

Push To Talk

Our press-1 (push-to-talk) phone call campaigns give all call recipients the option of connecting to a live representative from your organization.

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Robocall Service

Robocall Service

A robocall service is a key part of any emergency notification system, small business marketing campaign and school alert app.

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Telephone Polls

Telephone Polls

Create personalized telephone polls with questions that your voice broadcast recipients can answer right through their phone.

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Text-to-Speech (T2S)

Text-To-Speech (T2S)

Create and send on-demand, high quality text-to-speech recordings using a male of female voice in either English or Spanish with our voice broadcasting platform.

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Vanity Phone Numbers

Vanity Phone Numbers

Utilizing DialMyCalls requires a verified phone number to send out voice broadcasts - use your own number, a business line or purchase a local vanity phone number.

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How Does Automated Voice Broadcasting Work?

It's As Easy As 1-2-3!

  • Add Your Phone Numbers
    Add your phone numbers or quickly import a list in Excel or CSV formats. Use our groups features to easily organize your contacts.

  • Record A Voice Message To Send
    You can easily record your voice mail message using any touch tone phone or our mobile app. You may also upload a WAV or MP3 file to use as your message to be sent.

  • Send Your Call & View Report
    Send your voice broadcast out right now or schedule for a specific day and time. Once it's sent you'll get a detailed report showing what happened on every phone call!

How Does Voice Broadcasting Work? [2020 Update]

Interested in using a voice broadcasting service in your business, school, nonprofit, or other organization? If so, you probably have some questions about what exactly voice broadcasting is – as well as how it works, what it can do, and how it could benefit you.

How Does Voice Broadcasting Work? (Video)


Here, we’ll take a look at all of these topics and more to help you understand voice broadcasts.

What Is a Voice Broadcasting Service?

Voice broadcasting is a tool that allows you to send recorded voice messages to multiple phone numbers simultaneously. The sender can record messages in advance and use a centralized interface to send them all from a phone number.

Most companies, like DialMyCalls, allow you to send out thousands of messages at once. This ensures that your message reaches everyone who needs to hear it as soon as possible. Most platforms also compile and analyze response rates and other information about your audience’s reception to the call.

Top 5 Most Common Uses of Voice Broadcasting

Now, you understand what voice broadcasting is. But let’s talk about some of the ways that groups like businesses and schools can use voice broadcast services.

1. Emergency Notifications

Systems that send mass phone calls are a great way to contact many people at once during an emergency.

For example, a school could use a voice broadcast service to inform parents about a cancellation due to severe weather. A utility company could announce a service outage to all of their customers. An event planner could inform all event attendees of the proper protocol for a specific emergency situation.

2. Surveys and Feedback

One common use for voice broadcasting services is to gather feedback. This can be done using polls or providing the option for recipients to speak to a live representative.

For example, a nonprofit could send surveys to past volunteers to gain insight on ways to improve the volunteer experience.

Telephone Polls - Version 3
Above Image: Send out a telephone poll through DialMyCalls.

3. Appointment Reminders and Updates

This is a common use for voice broadcasting among medical offices and companies that provide landscaping, plumbing, and other on-site services.

The sender can remind a client or customer about the service they’ve scheduled, ensuring that no one forgets and saving everyone’s time.

4. Employee Communication

Voice broadcast services are a great way to send corporate announcements, particularly when paired with other methods of communication such as emails and text messages.

For example, a business could send a voice call to all employees reminding them of casual Friday, an upcoming staff meeting, or the closing of a particular parking lot for construction.

5. Promotions and Special Deals

Automated calls can be used to broadcast information about your company to current customers and provide them with coupons, discounts, or other benefits.

All customers who have opted in to messages from you, for example, could receive a discount code for use on a specific day, which could drive traffic on an otherwise slow business day.

The Benefits of Voice Broadcasting

Sending a voice broadcast has a number of benefits. Voice broadcasting is:

  • Affordable. Modern platforms like DialMyCalls allow for hundreds – or even thousands – of calls to be placed for a low fee and without a long-term contract.
  • Convenient. You can simply use an online interface to create, schedule, and make automated phone calls – without ever having to speak to anyone yourself and without being free and available in the moment your audience receives the message.
  • Flexible and Customizable. You can easily create different lists of people and send personalized messages to each one. You can send them at any time, and they can include any information that can be conveyed via audio.
  • Not Time Sensitive. Voice broadcasting allows you to reach customers when they pick up their phone – but can also leave a message on their voicemail, ensuring that they hear your message even if they aren’t free when you call.

Tips for Getting Started

Even if you’ve already decided that voice broadcasting could benefit you, you may be wondering where to start.

Voice Broadcast Report - Version 3
Above Image: Example of a voice broadcast report in DialMyCalls.


If you are planning to send a voice broadcast for the first time, though, consider these three tips:

1. Get Your Contacts in Order

In order for voice calls (or other communication types) to be useful, the contact information you have for customers, employees, or other audience members must be correct. While contact information can be uploaded to DialMyCalls from your existing CRM, it’s also easy to edit these contacts straight from the web.

2. Pre-Record Messages

Save yourself a lot of time in the future by front-loading your service with voice messages you may have to use frequently. If you send reminder calls every Thursday about meetings or sales on a Friday, record this in advance and reuse the recording. If your area is prone to tornadoes, record the emergency procedures once and have them on hand in case of emergency.

3. Familiarize All Parties with the Platform or Service

Most likely, more than one person will need access to whichever program you choose to send voice broadcasts. Before you make voice broadcasting a consistent part of your strategy, make sure that everyone who will need to use it knows how. Additionally, make sure customers or other audience members are prepared to receive voice calls from you. Generally, these audience members need to opt in to receive this kind of message.

Why Is Voice Broadcasting Important?

It may seem that tools such as mass text messaging and email blasts make voice broadcasting obsolete. But in reality, a combination of these tools is best if we want to reach a broad audience. Voice broadcasting will always have a part to play.

Phone calls continue to be the only way to consistently relay a personal, human voice to our audience. Generally, this makes it the best way to express emotion.

What’s more, research points to many different learning styles. These learning styles mean that different people learn and retain information best when it’s presented in different styles. Some people are more prone to remember something they saw written; others are more likely to remember something they hear.

These learning styles mean that different communication methods have different parts to play in conveying information to other parties, whether they’re employees or customers.

Voice broadcasting services play an important part in mass communication – sign up for a free DialMyCalls account today to try it out!

How Is DialMyCalls Used?

Parent Notifications

DialMyCalls offers a school notification system that bridges the communication gap between teachers, students, and parents.

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Emergency School Alerts

How to notify students, parents, teachers, staff and anyone else your school needs to reach using our emergency text messaging notifications system.

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School Closing Announcements

In times of bad weather or other emergencies, make sure you notify parents in advance that school will be closed with our voice and text messaging service.

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Church Calling Tree

Our phone tree software eliminates the hassle of a traditional calling tree and allows you to send automated church calls to everyone in your congregation in seconds.

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Prayer Hotline

We've found an increasing number of customers setting up their account with a prayer hotline. Create your own unique phone number that lets people call in and request prayers.

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Church Event Reminders

Reminding your church of special masses and events has never been easier using a church phone notification system. Works great for both small churches and large mega-churches.

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Emergency Hotline

Register your own local or toll-free number to set up as an emergency hotline - keep it updated with the latest information, allowing people to call in for news and information.

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Emergency Alerts by Phone

Setting up emergency alerts by phone has never been easier. Now you can easily allow people to opt-in to receive your alerts right from your own web-based control panel.

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Neighborhood Crime Watch

Keeping neighbors informed of suspicious activity, vehicles, and people has never been easier. Send important neighborhood alerts, notifying everyone with a phone call or text message in seconds

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Social Club Reminders

See why countless social clubs like Knight Of Columbus, Elks, Rotary, and so many more are using DialMyCalls to send phone calls and text message to their members.

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Volunteer Outreach Alerts

Easily send phone calls or texts to all your volunteers to alert them of volunteer opportunities automatically and get immediate feedback.

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Overdue Book Notices

Send automated overdue / late book reminders by phone call or text message. See why so many libraries use DialMyCalls to send their overdue reminders.

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Rent Reminders

Make collecting rent easier than ever before. See why so many property managers are turning to SMS and phone calls for friendly late rent reminders.

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Property Emergencies

Every emergency plan for property managers needs a mass communication system in place - keeping residents aware of all emergencies.

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Inbound Complaint Line

Using our vanity number system, you can get your own unique phone number that can be used to allow residents to call in and leave complaints and suggestions.

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Motivational Calls

Daily motivational quotes sent directly to your employees via phone call or SMS text message are a perfect way to get a little pep in everyone's step.

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Employee Notifications

For any business, communication with your employees is key. Keep them informed via phone call, text message (SMS), and e-mail easier than ever before.

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Staffing Alerts

Keep job candidates informed of new positions that are available. Many staffing agencies rely on our broadcasting service to keep job seekers in the loop.

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Team Calling

When you're on the field and need to send a reminder and all you have is your cell phone, our app will let you instantly send a phone call or text alert to your entire team.

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Parent Notifications

With the DialMyCalls App you can quickly notify all the parents within a few seconds. Open the app, record or type your message, and hit send!

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Sports Emergency

When there is an emergency with your sports team make sure you are able to inform all the parents and necessary people immediately.

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Simple, Flexible, and Affordable Pricing Plans

Find the right plan for your organization, or test it out for free.

Monthly Plans

  • Monthly
  • Pay-As-You-Go

From $7.49 Per Month

Our monthly plans are our best value and perfect for people who call or text the same group of phone numbers each month.

  • No Contract! Upgrade, downgrade or cancel the plan at any time.

  • Send calls, text messages, and/or emails.

  • Calls can be up to 2 minutes in length and all premium call options, except push-to-talk are included.

From $10.00 For 140 Credits

Who Uses Credit Packages: The more you buy the more you save! Our credit packages are popular with people who only send broadcasts on occasion or if the phone numbers they call change frequently.

  • No monthly fees - simply buy credits and use them as needed.

  • Credits can be used for calls or texts; e-mail included for free.

  • 1 Credit = 1 30 Second Call to 1 Number or 1 Text Message.

Tailored Pricing

Let us create the perfect pricing option to suit your needs. We can create annual plans to make budgeting easier and we also offer bulk pricing on our pay-as-you-go credit packages.

  • Perfect for customers who needs plans based on per member or unit pricing.

  • Annual plans for organizations who need to make budgeting easier.

  • Pricing that will span across multiple accounts for your organization.

  • Bulk pricing for larger organizations that use a higher volume of credits.

Try Out Mass Calling Completely Free

No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

Voice Broadcasting FAQ

Create an account with DialMyCalls, add in your list of contacts, create a recording, and then set up a voice broadcast to go out to all of your contacts at once.
Voice broadcasting takes the hassle out of sending mass phone calls. Simply create a recording, add your list of contacts and then send all of those contacts a phone call instantly.
Bulk voice calls can be made using DialMyCalls’ web-based voice broadcasting service - our system sends out approximately 3,000 calls per minute to all of your contacts.
Schools use DialMyCalls to send out mass phone calls for various reasons which include: school closure alerts, parent notifications, snow day calls, emergency notifications, report card reminders, active shooter alerts, and much more.
Unlike manual phone trees, mass automated calling can be done in three simple steps once an account with DialMyCalls has been created: Add Your Contact(s), Create a Recording, Send out Your Automated Call to All of Your Contacts at Once.
Businesses can utilize DialMyCalls to make mass phone calls for a variety of reasons, here are a few examples: Workplace Emergency Alerts, Staffing Notifications, Employee Alerts, Motivational Calls, and much more.
Voice broadcasting is legal to phone numbers that opted in to receiving automated calls from you. Please check out local laws, federal guidelines, and DialMyCalls’ Terms of Service before sending out automated calls.