DialMyCalls.com Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) describes actions that are prohibited and conduct that is expected when any party uses the Services offered by DialMyCalls.com. You, the Customer, may not use the Services without agreeing to this AUP.

The DailMyCalls.com Services utilize a powerful group messaging technology that gives you the ability to notify numerous people in seconds. As such, we expect you to use it responsibly. This AUP is designed to complement – not replace – our Terms of Service by helping you understand some of our expectations for responsible and legal use of the Services. That is, this AUP is incorporated by reference and governed by the Terms of Service which takes precedence over any conflicting provisions in this AUP. Please understand that this list is not meant to be comprehensive, and you are ultimately responsible for the messages that you initiate and transmit through the Services. DialMyCalls.com will not be liable for any misuse of the Services by you.

You agree that your use of the DialMyCalls.com Services will only be for lawful purposes, and will not include:

  • Engaging in any unsolicited advertising, marketing or other activities, including any activities that violate anti-spam laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act, and the Do-Not-Call Implementation Act (or any similar or analogous anti-spam, data protection, or privacy statutes or regulations in any other jurisdiction);
  • The use of voice cloning technology for the creation or transmission of calls via this platform is explicitly forbidden. This includes any attempt to replicate or use synthesized voices that imitate the vocal characteristics of real individuals.
  • Using the Services to encourage any illegal, abusive, or other activities that interfere with the business or activities of DialMyCalls.com;
  • Using the Services to receive, transmit or otherwise maintain electronic Protected Health Information, as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, as amended, or using the Services in any manner that would make DialMyCalls.com your or any third party’s business associate;
  • Using the Services in any manner that may subject DialMyCalls.com or any third party to liability, damages, or danger;
  • Using the Services in any manner that violates: industry standards; any third party policies including all of the applicable guidelines published by the CTIA, the Mobile Marketing Association, or any other accepted industry associations, carrier guidelines (or any similar or analogous industry standards, third party policies or requirements in any other jurisdiction);, or requirements that DialMyCalls.com may communicate to its Customers.
  • Harvesting, or otherwise collecting information about others, without their consent;
  • Misleading others as to the identity of the sender of your messages or broadcasts, by creating a false identity, impersonating the identity of someone/something else or by providing contact details that do not belong to you;
  • Transmitting, associating or publishing any unlawful, racist, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, demeaning, immoral, harmful, vulgar, obscene, pornographic or otherwise objectionable material of any kind;
  • Transmitting any material that may infringe upon the intellectual property rights of third parties including trademarks, copyrights or other rights of publicity;
  • Transmitting any material that contains viruses, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancel-bots or any other harmful/deleterious programs;
  • Interfering with, or disrupting, networks connected to the Services or violating the regulations, policies or procedures of such networks;
  • Reverse-engineering the Services in order to find limitations, vulnerabilities, or evade monitoring capabilities;
  • Attempting to gain unauthorized access to the Services, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to the Services, through password mining or any other means;
  • Interfering with another’s use and enjoyment of the Services or DialMyCalls.com websites; or
  • Engaging in any other activity that DialMyCalls.com believes could subject it to criminal liability or civil penalty/judgment.

You agree that when you use the DialMyCalls.com Services, you will:


  • Identify yourself or your organization in your messages as required by any applicable law;
  • Schedule the timing of your messages responsibly and adhere to any calling time restrictions that may be applicable to your messages; and
  • Immediately honor any Do-Not-Call or opt-out requests that are communicated to you and use the internal Do Not Call lists to allow your call recipients to opt-out from future messages you send from your account. Keep monitoring this list to see who is opting out. It’s located in the “My Account” section of your DialMyCalls account.

Remember, you are ultimately responsible to make your own informed decisions regarding your messages and you remain fully liable for any use of the DialMyCalls.com Services in violation of any applicable law, as well as this Acceptable Use Policy and our Terms of Service. View our Privacy Policy for information regarding how DialMyCalls’s will protect your information & data.