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Quickly and easily send automated text messages to an entire list of phone numbers at once.

Register a keyword to start building a customer opt-in list. DialMyCalls offers both long code and short code text messaging allowing the flexibility of sending message in which ever way works best for your organization. Sign up right now and try it completely free!

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Automated Text
Messaging Features

We make it easy for you to create, schedule and send automated text messages to all your contacts at once. Take a look at all the texting features that DialMyCalls offers:

How To Send Automated Text Messages

Mass Texting Services

Step 1

Add Your Contacts

Use our keyword system to let people opt-in to your messages. If you already have a pre opted in list from another provider or list you can easily import or add your numbers.

Message Settings
VOice Broadcasting

Step 2

Type Your SMS Broadcast

Type out the message you wish to be sent. You can even link together multiple messages to be sent one right after another.

Voice Broadcasting
Voice Chart

Step 3

Send Or Schedule Your Automated Text Message!

Send it out right now, or schedule a specific date and time. After your broadcast is sent, you’ll have access to a detailed report with who received the messages and if they replied.

What Are Automated Text Messages?

An automated text message service does exactly what it sounds like: sends out automated SMS messages.

A texting service like this means that the sender doesn’t need to send identical messages to multiple people manually. A single message sent out via an automated text message service can go out to thousands of people. Another part of the process that can be automated is the sending time. If the sender wants a message sent at a specific time in which they aren’t available, they can simply schedule the message in advance.

Responses to these text messages can also be compiled automatically for the sender to review later on. This helps to organize the entire texting process when communicating with multiple people simultaneously.

Rent Reminder Text Message

Ways To Use Our Automated Text Messaging Service

As a marketing tool to announce new product or services.

To simplify communication with employees, students, or team members.

As a prompt to receive feedback from clients, students, or volunteers.

To send out community notifications within neighborhoods or apartment complexes.

As an emergency notification system in the workplace, schools, or communities.

To facilitate drawings, trivia contests, or giveaways.

As a simple way to send text invitations and collect RSVPs.

To send regular reminders such as when rent is due or what days are office casual days.

To send automated text responses to new newsletter subscribers.

Types of Messages to Send

Scheduled Text Messages
Scheduled Text Messages

Scheduled Text Messages

One of the many benefits of an automated text message service is the ability to schedule messages in advance.

For example, say a sender wanted a message to go out at midnight on a Tuesday night. Likely, they don’t actually want to be awake and working in that exact moment.

With DialMyCalls, the sender can write the message in advance, choose a contact list, and select the date and time at which they would like for it to be sent. When the time comes, there’s no action necessary on the part of the sender. The automated text message system does all the work.

Recurring Text Messages

Another form of scheduled text message is a recurring text message, also made possible by DialMyCalls’ automated text message service.

Recurring text messages from a texting service are those that the sender will need or want to send multiple times. This could be a reminder that there’s a book report due every Friday, that rent is due on the 2nd of each month, or that residents must clean up after their pets.

Regardless of the message, the texts can be written in advance. Then, after a contact list is selected, the sender can choose the frequency with which they’d like the message to be sent.

After arranging the details of the message, the sender has finished their part. The message will simply go out as scheduled, however frequently it’s set to be sent. SMS automation ensures that recipients get such a message as needed, when applicable.

Automatic Triggering of SMS Messages

While a texting service can help you set a time and date for scheduled text messages, this feature can sometimes fall short. For example, what if you don’t know when a recipient will need a specific piece of information?

This is where automatic triggering of text messages comes into play.

An automated text message service allows the sender to set a trigger for a specific message to go out when something happens. Usually, this means that an automated text response is sent when someone texts a short code, clicks a link, or signs up via a survey.

The response could be a welcome message or the answer to a specific question. After setup, the entire process takes no effort on the part of the sender—it’s fully automated.

How is DialMyCalls used?

Automated Text Messages FAQ

How Do You Send Automated Text Messages?

DialMyCalls offers the ability to send text messages to your entire list of contacts at once.

How Do You Set up Automated Text Messages?

Create a free account with DialMyCalls, add your list of contacts or have contacts opt into receive text messages from you and then send out a text to your entire list of contacts at once.

How Do Automated Text Messages Work?

You can send out a text message using a custom keyword and DialMyCalls’ shared short code, 80123, a text-enabled landline number, or by purchasing a long code SMS number.

Can I Send Automated Text Messages From an iPhone?

DialMycalls has a mobile app for both iOS and Android to let members send out automated text messages.

Can Pictures Be Sent to Automated Text Messages?

You would need to use an image hosting platform to host your image and then add the link to that image in your text message you send out through DialMyCalls.

Can You Reply to Automated Text Messages?

DialMyCalls offers 2-way texting that allows members to read the replies to text messages sent out through their account.

How Do I Schedule Automated Text Messages?

You can send out a text message immediately, schedule it for a later date and time or set up a recurring text message to be sent out through your DialMyCalls account.

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