DialMyCalls Case Study & Training Webinars

DialMyCalls has compiled a ton of great webinar videos to help show why our mass notification platform is beneficial to a wide-range of organizations and professions. In just a few moments you can set up automated notifications that will save you both time and money. Below you will find recorded webinars that show how our current customers use our system and how you can use us for your own organization.

DialMyCalls Case Study Webinars

We have tens of thousands of customers in all different types of businesses and organizations. Our staff here at DialMyCalls took time to get to know how customers utilize our system. Below you will find various webinars with our customers that has them explain to us just exactly how they benefit from our Mass Notification System.

How Can You Use DialMyCalls?

How can your organization use DialMyCalls' mass notification platform? Take a look at all of the webinars below to see how you can send out notifications via automated phone call, SMS text message and email broadcast. Whether you are a church, sports league, property manager, or school, DialMyCalls can be make your life a lot easier!