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For over 10 years thousands of organizations have relied on us as their emergency notification system. With DialMyCalls you can easily send thousands of emergency alerts phone calls, text messages (SMS), and emails per second ensuring your critical messages are received quickly to all recipients.
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Used By Over 40,000 Organizations Across The US & Canada

Below are just a few of the great organizations that use us to send SMS emergency alerts.

The DialMyCalls FastResponse™ system is used by many customers as an emergency notification system. You’ll have access to a complete multi-touch notification service that lets you reach your entire organization by using any or all of the following methods: phone call, text message (SMS), email, and social media. Our system gives you the ability to send over 3,000 alerts per minute ensuring your calls and texts will be received nearly immediately after being sent.

SMS emergency alerts even have the added power of our 2-way texting system. This allows your emergency text message recipients the ability to reply back to your text messages directly which you can then read and if desired reply back to that specific person.

Types Of SMS Emergency Alerts Sent By DialMyCalls Customers:

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Pay As You Go

There are no monthly or ongoing fees. Unlike most companies that charge an ongoing rate for a service you may never use, DialMyCalls lets you simply pay for calls or text messages when you need them.

Ease Of Use

No equipment or hardware to purchase. As long as you have access to a touch tone phone or a computer with internet access you can quickly send out your emergency message in seconds. Our calling servers are located in multiple locations around the country to ensure that even if a natural disaster strikes in one location we’ll have a backup location able to take over immediately.

Phone-In System

Our phone based call-in system is extremely important in times of emergency when you’re away from your computer. You can simply dial into our toll-free system and enter your account number & PIN; from there you can record your message and send it out immediately.

Why Use DialMyCalls As Your Emergency Alert System?

Emergency Alert System - DialMyCalls

What DialMyCalls Users Have To Say About The Mass Text Alert Service

"We are new subscribers to your system. Even in the few short days since we started, this system has been effective in emergency situations when time is critical. We are using the system for volunteer emergency organizations and our county dispatch office. Thanks for your support."

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