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For close to two decades, we've proudly served as a premier online mass notification service, enabling over 40,000 organizations to effortlessly dispatch crucial information via text messages, phone calls, and emails. With a track record of facilitating the seamless delivery of over a billion notifications, we've become the trusted choice for organizations of all sizes.
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Over 40,000+ Organizations Rely on us to Deliver A Billion+ Voice & Text Messages!

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Jeffrey H.

“In the old days we would have to call everyone personally, one at a time. there is still a place for that but to get out general reminders and announcements, it would take hours. Now we do it in a couple minutes.”

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John P.

“We are a not for profit organization and use the software to communicate transportation issues to the more than 900 individuals that we serve. The product allows me to get the word out for an emergency weather closing or delay in a very efficient manner. The best price product on the market.”

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Kristin S.

“I am loving Dialmycalls for sending out reminder texts to meeting attendees! I can schedule them ahead of time and know they will be delivered to the recipient.”

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Lee B.

“I have used several different programs at different cost and different companies. I have found that this one is by far the better fit for the needs we have for it. I can see where it can keep the staff and partners informed with a simple text blast as well as able to be setup as a good marketing tool for clients without spamming them either.”

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Kris E.

“This is a quick and easy way to send robo-calls to your church members. Update them on severe weather, the weekly activities, or special events. Can be used on a desktop or via smartphone app. Offers both text, voice and voicemail options. You can record your own voice or use the robo-voice features.”

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Lori B.

“Cost effective, creative way to boost sales. I used this service as a way to communicate with a nonprofit’s constituents regarding a fundraising and awareness-building event. There was an immediate return on investment realized!”

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From making wake-up calls to working with Fortune 100 companies.

In 1999, while attending the University of Central Florida, we discovered a unique concept: a web-based wake-up call service, one of the internet's pioneering ventures. Initially, we handled the early morning wake-up calls manually, but it soon gained traction and evolved into a fully automated system. Through the development of proprietary technology, we seamlessly connected our platform to phone networks, eliminating the necessity for manual wake-up calls.

The Shift To Mass Notification

Then came our Ah-Ha moment; we realized we had built a very powerful outbound calling system that was being used during the early morning hours.  After launching DialMyCalls we quickly realized there was a large need for notifications all day long.  With all the incoming new customers we spent countless hours scaling up our infrastructure to handle larger and bigger organizations around North America.

Expanding To Text Messaging & Emailing

Although our name suggests a focus on ‘Calls,’ we’ve excelled in text message deliverability too. As texting gained popularity, we swiftly developed and implemented a comprehensive solution for sending and receiving text messages. With capabilities for local numbers, toll-free numbers, and shortcodes, our texting solution stands as one of the most advanced options on the market.

Technology for Dependable Mass Notifications

DialMyCalls leads the way in mass notifications through our robust in-house technology.
Our system's unique advantages ensure reliability and accuracy

Full Control Of Our Equipment

Our development team has over 40 years of combined experience in VOIP and SMS delivery services. Over nearly two decades, we’ve perfected our message-sending capabilities. We own and maintain our hardware in multiple US data centers, which allows us full control over our system and ensures reliability in times of emergency.

High-Speed Delivery

Because we own all our own hardware and infrastructure, we can ensure some of the highest speed deliverability available. Unlike other providers with throttled speeds, we specialize in ultra-fast send times, ensuring all your recipients receive their messages as quickly as possible.

Proprietary Deliverability Technology

Our proprietary AccurateAMD™ technology stands as the cornerstone of our commitment to precision and speed in message delivery, particularly during critical emergencies. Developed through years of meticulous research and innovation, AccurateAMD™ harnesses cutting-edge real-time data analysis to optimize the message delivery process.

Redundancy and Uptime

We uphold system reliability through strategic redundancy in secure locations, fortified by round-the-clock technical and security staff and generator backup. Our redundant sites ensure uninterrupted service, mitigating risks of single points of failure, while our dedicated team monitors infrastructure continuously to swiftly address issues.

Our amazing team is the driving force
behind DialMyCalls' success.

At DialMyCalls, we strive to provide an enterprise level notification platform that’s user-friendly and affordable.

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