Voice & Text Message Broadcast Integrations

API & Integrations

Are you looking for an easy way to send out automated phone calls and text messages to your existing contacts? DialMyCalls offers several integrations and API Documentation to sync existing contact lists into our powerful mass notification system.


DialMyCalls offers custom integrations with some of the most popular services available.

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API For Sending Phone Calls & Text Messages

DialMyCalls also provides a robust API Platform for customers to develop a custom integration into pre-existing software - add the ability to send phone calls and SMS text message broadcasts to your software by using the DialMyCalls API. Take a look at our API Guide for more information.

step 1 integrations

Step 1.

Add Contact

Use our API to pull contacts out of your existing software and add them into your DialMyCalls account.

step 2 integrations

Step 2.

Create Call

Develop our voice broadcasting directly into your software to send out automated phone calls.

step 3 integrations

Step 3.

Create Text

Add the option to send messages via SMS Text Message to your software solution with the DialMyCalls API.