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Mobile App - DialMyCalls Features

Whether you are at the office or on-the-go, DialMyCalls can now be used to make communicating with your contacts a breeze! The mass texting app will allow you to send a text message to hundreds or thousands of contacts in an instant. Want to send out automated calls instead? Our group calling app will send out personalized recordings to all of your contacts in seconds – the days of individually calling hundreds of people are officially over.

Why Our Mass Notification App is the Best!

Unlike competitors who do not offer mobile apps or offer limited features within their app, DialMyCalls’ mass texting and group calling app has a wide variety of advanced features to use on the go.

DialMyCalls Mobile App Features:

  • Automatic Calling
  • Bulk Texting
  • Advanced Calling Features
  • Vanity Number Hotline
  • 2-Way SMS Text Messaging (Push Notifications Enabled)
  • Detailed Broadcast Reports
  • iOS & Android Support
  • Free To Download

Whether you are looking to send out an automated phone call to a list of contacts or want to send out a bulk text to all of your customers, DialMyCalls is the solution for you. Best of all, the DialMyCalls iOS and Android mobile app is completely free to download.

Android and iPhone Versions Available

DialMyCalls now offers its robust mass notification system on iOS and Android devices at absolutely no charge. Mobile phone users can now set up a group phone call or bulk text message to all of their contacts right from an iOS or Android device.

  • DialMyCalls iOS Mobile App: The iOS mobile app requires iOS 11.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch – the app is completely free to download from the Apple App Store.
  • DialMyCalls Android Mobile App: The Android mobile app requires Android 5.0 and up and is completely free to download from the Google Play Store.

Google Play - DialMyCalls Mobile AppApp Store - DialMyCalls Mobile App

How Much Does a Mass Texting and Group Calling App Cost?

The DialMyCalls mobile app is completely free to download and install. In addition to the free app, creating an account is also completely free, no contract or credit card required.

DialMyCalls offers a free automatic calling service that allows customers to send a 30 second message to up to 25 contacts, once per week. Do you need to send out more calls or bulk texts from within the app? Check out our different pricing options below:

  • DialMyCalls Pay-As-You-Go Credits: Purchasing credits from within the app will allow you to send out automated phone calls and bulk texts quickly and efficiently. 1 credit = 1 call to 1 number with a 30 second message OR 1 credit = 1 text to 1 number with 157 characters.
  • DialMyCalls Monthly Plans: Do you have a list of numbers that you will be calling multiple times throughout the month? DialMyCalls offers monthly plans based on the amount of unique numbers you will be contacting each month. Monthly plans can send 30 automated calls or mass texts every 30 days to their allotted amount of unique numbers.

*When utilizing a monthly plan on DialMyCalls customers can send a recording up to 2 minutes in length or a text message that contains up to 157 characters – extended recordings and texts can be purchased for an additional monthly fee.

How to Set Up Group Calling on the App

It's As Easy As 1-2-3!

  • Add Your Contacts
    Quickly and easily add contacts into your DialMyCalls mobile app - add contacts individually or add multiple contacts at once directly from your phone.

  • Create A Recording
    DialMyCalls' mobile app gives you three options to create a personalized recording: use your phone's microphone, use our automated phone service that will call you or create a text-to-speech recording.

  • Send Or Schedule Your Group Call!
    Send it out right now, or schedule a specific date and time. After your broadcast is sent, you’ll have access to a detailed report with who received the call.

Automated Group Phone Calling Features

The DialMyCalls mass calling app comes with a full set of features that we offer on our desktop version of our voice broadcasting service. Customers can log into their DialMyCalls account via the automated phone call app and set up a traditional voice broadcast – choose your contacts, select a recording, and then send that broadcast to all of your contacts immediately or schedule it for a later date and time.

In addition to sending out a traditional voice broadcast from the mobile bulk calling app, DialMyCalls offers the following advanced features that can be added to any automated phone call:

  • Push To Opt-Out – Allow your recipients to press the ‘7’ key to be added to your ‘Personal Do Not Call List’
  • Push To Leave A Message – Allow your recipients to press the ‘8’ key to leave you a message for you to listen to from within the mobile app.
  • Polling – You can ask questions and let recipients press a number to track and see their response.
  • Push To Talk – Recipients will have the ability to be automatically connected to any phone number you choose by hitting the ‘0’ key.
  • Push To Repeat – Allow recipients to press the ‘9’ key to listen to your message again.
Advanced Calling Features - DialMyCalls Mobile App
Above Image: Select advanced calling features in the mobile app.


Customers looking to utilize our vanity phone number feature can also access their local or toll-free hotline number right from within the automatic call app – check voicemails left on your vanity number and change the settings from anywhere with the DialMyCalls mobile group calling app.

How to Set Up Bulk Texting on the App

It's As Easy As 1-2-3!

  • Add Your Contacts
    Use our keyword system to let people opt-in to your messages. If you already have a pre opted in list from another provider or list you can easily add your numbers.

  • Create A New Text Message Broadcast
    Quickly start a new bulk text right from within the DialMyCalls app - send a text to hundreds or thousands of people all at once instead of contacting everyone individually.

  • Type Your SMS Broadcast
    Type out the message you wish to be sent, select the contacts that will receive that message and the send your text immediately or schedule it for a later date and time.

Mass Texting App Features

Sending a text message to every contact in your phone can be time consuming and group texts have a tendency to irritate people with all of the responses coming in at once from several people. DialMyCalls offers a bulk texting app which lets you send a text message to all of your contacts in an instant.

Quickly type up a text message, select the contacts you’d like to receive that text and then send your message immediately or schedule it for a later date and time. Our mass texting app allows customers to send a text message from DialMyCalls’ short code, 80123, a purchased long code SMS vanity number, or a text-enabled landline phone number.

Two-Way Texting - DialMyCalls Mobile App
Above Image: Utilize 2-way text messaging from within the mobile app.


Businesses can now set up customer support via text message with DialMyCalls’ 2-way text messaging service. The mobile app for iPhone and Android now features the full 2-Way SMS platform that was previously only available on the desktop version of DialMyCalls.

Set up a customer support hotline for your customers to text into and using the 2-way SMS platform you can reply directly back to incoming text messages, right from the DialMyCalls mobile mass texting app.

Who Uses Our Mass Notification App?

Parent Notifications

DialMyCalls offers a school notification system that bridges the communication gap between teachers, students, and parents.

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Emergency School Alerts

How to notify students, parents, teachers, staff and anyone else your school needs to reach using our emergency text messaging notifications system.

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School Closing Announcements

In times of bad weather or other emergencies, make sure you notify parents in advance that school will be closed with our voice and text messaging service.

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Church Calling Tree

Our phone tree software eliminates the hassle of a traditional calling tree and allows you to send automated church calls to everyone in your congregation in seconds.

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Prayer Hotline

We've found an increasing number of customers setting up their account with a prayer hotline. Create your own unique phone number that lets people call in and request prayers.

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Church Event Reminders

Reminding your church of special masses and events has never been easier using a church phone notification system. Works great for both small churches and large mega-churches.

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Emergency Hotline

Register your own local or toll-free number to set up as an emergency hotline - keep it updated with the latest information, allowing people to call in for news and information.

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Emergency Alerts by Phone

Setting up emergency alerts by phone has never been easier. Now you can easily allow people to opt-in to receive your alerts right from your own web-based control panel.

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Neighborhood Crime Watch

Keeping neighbors informed of suspicious activity, vehicles, and people has never been easier. Send important neighborhood alerts, notifying everyone with a phone call or text message in seconds

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Social Club Reminders

See why countless social clubs like Knight Of Columbus, Elks, Rotary, and so many more are using DialMyCalls to send phone calls and text message to their members.

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Volunteer Outreach Alerts

Easily send phone calls or texts to all your volunteers to alert them of volunteer opportunities automatically and get immediate feedback.

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Overdue Book Notices

Send automated overdue / late book reminders by phone call or text message. See why so many libraries use DialMyCalls to send their overdue reminders.

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Rent Reminders

Make collecting rent easier than ever before. See why so many property managers are turning to SMS and phone calls for friendly late rent reminders.

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Property Emergencies

Every emergency plan for property managers needs a mass communication system in place - keeping residents aware of all emergencies.

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Inbound Complaint Line

Using our vanity number system, you can get your own unique phone number that can be used to allow residents to call in and leave complaints and suggestions.

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Motivational Calls

Daily motivational quotes sent directly to your employees via phone call or SMS text message are a perfect way to get a little pep in everyone's step.

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Employee Notifications

For any business, communication with your employees is key. Keep them informed via phone call, text message (SMS), and e-mail easier than ever before.

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Staffing Alerts

Keep job candidates informed of new positions that are available. Many staffing agencies rely on our broadcasting service to keep job seekers in the loop.

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Team Calling

When you're on the field and need to send a reminder and all you have is your cell phone, our app will let you instantly send a phone call or text alert to your entire team.

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Parent Notifications

With the DialMyCalls App you can quickly notify all the parents within a few seconds. Open the app, record or type your message, and hit send!

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Sports Emergency

When there is an emergency with your sports team make sure you are able to inform all the parents and necessary people immediately.

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