FAQs & Tutorials

Take a look at questions our customers frequently ask about our mass notification platform and check out all of our tutorial videos to learn how you can send automated phone calls, text messages and email broadcasts.

General Questions

Which states and countries am I able to call using DialMyCalls?

You can call anyone in the continental 48 states, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada! We plan on adding international calling sometime in the future as well.

Which states and countries am I able to send texts to using DialMyCalls?

Using your toll-free number or local vanity number you can text anyone in the continental 48 states, Hawaii, and Alaska.

How does the free service work and what's the catch; why is it free?

The free service is a limited service which allows you to make only 1 group call per week with a 30 second message, to a maximum of 25 people. We also add some branding to the call that identifies the call as powered by DialMyCalls.

Will my contacts, emails, or information ever be sold or distributed?

Never! All of your information is solely the property of you and/or your company. DialMyCalls respects your privacy and we will never share, sell, disclose, or release your phone numbers, contacts, email addresses, or any other information that is stored in your account. Only you and whoever you share your login and password with will have access to your DialMyCalls account and information.

Do you support phone calls to numbers with an extension?

We do have the ability to call phone numbers with extensions and it works with a large majority of phone systems. However, if the system is overly complex, our system may not work with it. General rule of thumb is, if you dial the number and can enter the extension on the main menu it will work. If you have to press another number to actually dial an extension, our system will not work on that number.

Do you offer any kind of affiliate or referral program?

Yes, we offer multiple affiliate and reseller options depending on you or your company's situation. Please contact business development by calling 1-800-928-2086 ext 3.

Will I be billed for the calls to approve my phone number and record greetings?

No, we will not charge you or take credits from your account for these calls. Only calls to the group calls you set up through our premium service are billable against your credits.

Can I use DialMyCalls for my business?

Sure! DialMyCalls is great for businesses. However, keep in mind unsolicited sales or marketing calls/texts are not allowed. You need to make sure your call/text recipients have given you expressed permission before sending any messages to them. For more information on the National Do Not Call Registry and other telemarketing rules and regulations please visit DoNotCall.gov.

I tried the sample and/or verification calls, but I never received a call.

Please make sure that your phone doesn't have any kind of anonymous call block, call zapper, or any kind of system to block certain types of callers. This is usually the culprit if you don't receive a call from us. Also, if you have tried the sample calls too many times in one day, you could be restricted from trying again. If you feel that there is an error on our end, please contact support and they will be able to assist you.

Are there any call restrictions on what I can say in my message(s)?

DialMyCalls is simply a service provider and you are responsible for any and all content that is played during your calls. It is highly suggested that you refrain from recording any profanity, slander, racism, or other types of messages that people may find inappropriate. Remember, you cannot control who picks up the phone; children and unexpected recipients may be the on the receiving end of your calls. Please make sure all of your call content complies with FCC Rules and Regulations; otherwise, you may be held responsible for any content that you broadcast.

Billing Questions

How are your prices so low? Are there any hidden fees I'm not aware of?

We have been in the telecommunications industry since 2000 and have built up a large infrastructure of outbound calling servers and technology. Due to the amount of calls we place regularly, we are able to get tremendous volume discounts and pass the savings onto our customers. We pride ourselves in offering high quality calls, high quality support, and affordable prices to both businesses and individuals alike.

What methods of payment are available for buying call credits?

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. For large volumes and corporate purchases, we also accept checks and wire transfers. For companies that we have done extensive business with in the past, we may extend a line of credit and bill you for usage on a monthly cycle. We will shortly be adding PayPal and possibly Google Checkout as additional payment options.

Will I be billed for calls that go unanswered or can not be completed?

No, you will be refunded for any calls that don't make an actual connection. This includes invalid phone numbers, calls that ring endlessly, or any other calls that end up with connection errors. Please be aware that credit refunds occur usually within 15 minutes of a call blast completing, but can take up to 48 hours. Text refunds take 48 hours to process refunds.

How long are call credits good for; do they ever expire?

Credits that are included in our Premium Monthly Plans will roll over for one month at which point they will expire.

Credits purchased using our pay-as-you-go credit option will expire after one year of account inactivity.

Do you offer annual or semi-annual billing options for monthly plans?

Yes. We offer both 6 month and 12 month billing cycles on all of our monthly plans. If you ever need to upgrade during your billing cycle you can always do so and only pay a pro-rated amount for the difference.

Do you offer monthly billing based on usage for an entire month?

Yes. For customers that we've built up an existing relationship with, we offer open ended accounts which are billed at the end of each month. For new customers who wish to use this feature we require a deposit on file for the first 3 months. Please contact someone on our sales team if you're interested in having this type of account set up.

How Do Standard Monthly Plans Work?

Monthly plans allow customers to send up to 30 call or text broadcasts to your allotted amount of unique numbers per month. If we feel that you are abusing our system by sending out a high volume of broadcasts we will first contact you to try and resolve the issue, if we're unable to reach you we will suspend your account until hearing from you. If at any point we wish to cancel your monthly service, we will make an attempt to contact you, and then proceed with cancellation. The allowed message length for call broadcasts on monthly plans is 2 minutes long. The allowed message length for text broadcasts on monthly plans is 157 characters.

Technical Questions

Which number will show up on the Caller ID of the people I choose to call?

Your own phone number appears on the Caller ID for all the calls that you send out. Once you have your account set up, under the 'My Account' tab you can add additional phone numbers to use as well. If there's a number you wish to use that can't be approved via our automated system, please contact our support staff and they can manually approve it and add it to your account.

How do I record a message to be sent out to my phone list?

We offer 3 ways you can create greetings to be used for your calls:

Record It Over Your Phone:
Put in a phone number and our automated system will call you and let you record your message right over the phone! You can preview and re-record until you're satisfied with your greeting. This is by far our most popular method.

Upload An MP3 or WAV File:
This method is usually the choice of larger companies or people that have professionally recorded messages. Using the web interface, you can upload any MP3 or WAV audio file and use it for the message to be played to your call recipients.

Use Our Text-to-Speech Tool:
Our Text-to-Speech engine is a voice synthesis tool which allows you to type out a message and it will convert it to a digitized male or female voice. This is a great solution when you do not have time to record a message but need to send a call out quickly.

Can I schedule a specific date and time for my call to be sent out to everyone?

Yes! Using our call scheduling system you can set your calls to go out at the day and time of your choice. This is a great feature and time saver allowing you to schedule a series of group calls in advance. It's also a very popular option used by people who use DialMyCalls for group meeting and event reminders.

What happens when a call isn't picked up and goes to someone's voicemail?

We have a voice mail & answering machine detection system in place that will wait and leave your message on their answering system. This way you know, even if the person wasn't able to get to their phone for your call, they will still get to hear your message when he/she checks their voice mail.

Can I import a list of phone numbers and contacts into the system?

Yes, we have 3 import tools available that let you import phone numbers & contact information from an Excel file (XLS or XLSX), Database (CSV), or by simply copying and pasting a large block of phone numbers into the system. For more detailed information on how to import data please go to the 'My Contacts' page once logged into your control panel. If you need assistance, please contact our support staff and they'll be happy to help you.

Are there any limits as to how many people I can send a call out to?

No, as long as you have purchased sufficient credits to cover the calls you wish to place, there is no limit. Please be aware that if we experience extremely high call volumes your calls may not go out at EXACTLY the same time and blocks of calls may be staggered out over a minute or two to limit any line congestion.

What happens when a call is placed and the number is busy or keeps ringing?

If a number on your list is called and we receive a busy signal or if the phone keeps ringing with no answer we will attempt to call it back up to two additional times -- the number of retries is based off the size of call, carrier information, and average success rate. If it still ends up as unable to connect, you will see so in the call results and your credits will be refunded for those calls.

What information is included with the report of each of the calls I send out?

Our call reports are great for seeing exactly what happened with each one of your calls. You'll get a breakdown of each call and whether or not it was connected and if the message played or not. It shows connection time and an array of other details that may be useful.

What is the optimal length for my recordings?

When creating a recording to be broadcast through DialMyCalls we recommend that the message is at least 15 seconds in length to ensure an optimal delivery to all call recipients.

Where can I find my API key?

Once logged into your DialMyCalls account, click on the "My Account" tab at the top of your screen. From there, click on "Integrations" to find all of your API information.

How Can I Opt In And Out Of Certain Text Messages?

DialMyCalls offers customers the ability to send text message broadcasts to their recipients. Contacts can opt-in to receive your texts by sending START or your [Keyword] to your vanity texting number. Below are the various commands that will work when utilizing our text message broadcasting:

Text STOP [Keyword] or STOP to [vanity texting number] - Opt Out Of Text Messages From A Specific Keyword.

Text START [Keyword] or START to [vanity texting number] - Opt Back Into A Specific Keyword That You Previously Opted Out Of.

How Can I Send An Image Via Text Message?

DialMyCalls does offer MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) to send images via text message. For more information about our MMS, please click here.

Why Is There An Opt-Out Message Added To My Text?

Due to new carrier regulations, when sending messages your vanity texting number, we must append the message "Reply STOP to end".