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Daycare Announcements, Preschool Parent Notifications

daycareMake sure your Daycare and or preschool is properly equipped to alert parents in a quick in timely manner. 

Parents rely on daycare and preschool to take care of their children while they are out making a living at work. DialMyCalls offers a great parent notification system that can be used for daycare announcements. How exactly can our mass notification system help your daycare / preschool keep a solid line of communication with the parents whose children you are looking after? 
By using DialMyCalls, Daycare's and Preschool's can set up an extremely reliable form of communication with the parents of its students. For example, should the preschool be closed, teachers can send out a voice / text message to all of the parents alerting them, instantly. The same goes for field  trips, reminders can be sent out to all the parents in a few seconds from any web browser. 
Parents can now rest easy while there children attend daycare or preschool with DialMyCalls.
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