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Ever wonder how to send invitations via text? A DialMyCalls account and text invitation app allows users to do just that, writing out their own messages and sending them to attendees in seconds. Text message invitations and RSVP messages are a breeze with DialMyCalls.
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Types of SMS Invitations Sent By DialMyCalls Customers


DialMyCalls allows users to send a wide variety of text message invitations for various events. Users can send messages such as party invitation texts, baby shower invitation text messages, meeting invitation text messages, and text message invitations to weddings and funerals. Then, potential attendees can reply to these messages to RSVP. Below, we provide text message invitation templates for just a few of the many occasions in which text message invitations can prove useful.

However, the text invitation templates below are by no means the only use for DialMyCalls’ text message invitation program. There are as many applications as there are types of events and occasions to which you can invite people. Below, we cover some of the most popular: birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, funerals, meals, restaurant grand openings, and church events:

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1. Compile Contact List
1. Compile Contact List

How To Send A Text Invitation

If you want to know how to send birthday invitations by text, or any text message invitations, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re looking for a birthday invitation app or desktop text invitation program, DialMyCalls has you covered.

You can send text message invitations in just three simple steps:

1. Compile Contact List

If you send out text message invitations regularly, it may be a good idea to import or manually add all of your contacts and simply make specified lists for specific events.

2. Write Your Message

Depending on the event you’re planning, this message should include different pieces of information. We outline what information is necessary for each type of text message invitation in the sections above.

3. Send Your Message

When you need to collect information in return from your audience, email can also help. While recipients can usually reply to a text message or call a phone number, emails allow for longer form responses. Whether you want feedback on the new athletic fields or to discuss a child’s grades, emails can allow an audience member to express themself completely.

Why Use a Text Invitation App?

If you’re searching for a text message invitation app, you probably already recognize that there are many benefits to sending text message invitations instead of or in addition to traditional paper or phone invitations.

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Sending a party invitation text message, like a birthday invitation SMS text or even an invitation to a wedding or funeral, is simple with DialMyCalls. DialMyCalls text message invitations are beneficial in their efficiency, dependability, cost effectiveness, and ease of use.


Planning ahead isn’t necessary when sending out text message invitations. Simply type a message, hit send, and your guests will receive their invitations within seconds. As soon as they do, they can RSVP.


Text message invitations are also ideal because there’s no chance of them getting lost in the mail. Additionally, there’s no chance of information being lost or distorted. It’s all able to be referenced later.


Cost Effectiveness

Paying per message with DialMyCalls also saves the costs associated with paper, printing, and postage.

Ease of Use

DialMyCalls makes it easy for anyone to send out text message invitations. From a desktop browser or straight from the app, it’s easy to write and send invitations and access RSVP responses.

Event Sample Text Invite
Event Sample Text Invite

Text Message Invitation Samples And Templates

Whether you’re sending out a birthday party invitation text or baby shower invitations by text message, it’s important that your recipients get as much information as concisely as possible. This saves you time later so you aren't constantly fielding questions from potential attendees.

Most text message invitations should include a short description of the event, the time and date, the location, and a list of anything attendees will need to bring. It’s also often common courtesy to include information like whether food will be served or if there’s a dress code.

Event Sample Text Invite

Come one, come all! Our annual neighborhood picnic is this Saturday, March 13, starting at 4PM at the River Oaks pool. See Linda Franklin for the food signup list and remember that kids under age 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Birthday Party Sample Text Invite

Karlita is turning 6! Join us for playtime in the park at 11AM this Thursday, June 19, Pavilion 3 at Reagan Park. We’ll have cake, ice cream, and drinks. No presents, please. See you then!

While text message invitations can help simplify and organize event planning of all types, text RSVP invitations are just as important. You can request RSVPs as replies to the very same text messages by which you invite people to an event.

The real benefit to these text message RSVPs is that information is gathered quickly and securely. For example, a wedding invitation RSVP text message can be used to give a caterer an accurate count of all guests as soon as it’s available.

These text message RSVPs can also be used in conjunction with other avenues for RSVPs to increase the overall numbers of RSVPa. Some guests may be more comfortable or have more availability to RSVP via text message as opposed to other methods.

Think your event could benefit from text message invitations or SMS RSVPs? Try DialMyCalls for FREE today!

Requesting RSVPs By Text Message

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