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How (and Why) to Set Up an Anonymous Tip Line

How (and Why) to Set Up an Anonymous Tip Line

All kinds of organizations require feedback. And almost always, some of the most important feedback or information is also the hardest to get. In many cases, this is because employees, clients, or other involved parties don’t feel comfortable sharing the information. This is where anonymous tip lines come in. Anonymous tip lines allow for a free line of communication between reporters and leadership. This increases the likelihood that the most important information makes its way back to the top. You may not think that this applies to your organization, but it’s been proven over and over that the best way to be aware of sensitive situations or gather people’s true feelings about something is to allow them to provide it anonymously. Using an Anonymous Tip Line for Schools Even the youngest people we serve can benefit from anonymous tip lines – children. Students haven’t always been encouraged to speak up

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