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5 Best Peer-to-Peer Texting Platforms 2024 (Compared)

Posted by Tim Smith in Mass Notification System on April 23, 2024

6 Best Peer-to-Peer Texting Platforms 2024 (Compared)

Peer-to-peer texting has become an increasingly popular method of communication in recent years, especially for businesses looking to connect with their customers in a more personal and direct way. With the rise of technology and the use of mobile devices, peer-to-peer texting platforms have evolved to offer a variety of features and capabilities beyond the typical mass texting service.

In this article, we will explore some of the best peer-to-peer texting platforms for 2024 and compare their features.

Best Peer-To-Peer Texting Platforms

DialMyCalls - Best Mass Texting Services

1. DialMyCalls

DialMyCalls offers everything you need to send automated calls and mass text messages. A plethora of features are available which include the following:


  • Bulk Text Messages
  • 2-way Texting
  • Landline Texting

Bulk Text Messages

Text Message Report - Church Texting App

Whether or not your opt-in list has 5 contacts or 5,000, our SMS broadcasting service offers the ability to send bulk text messages quickly and effectively.

2-Way Texting

2-Way Texting - Church Texting App

Using DialMyCalls’ mass texting platform you can send a text to all of your opt-ins at once. Once the text is sent, engage in P2P text message conversations with the 2-way texting feature – 1-on-1 texting helps organizations and businesses of all sizes to communicate easily. Take your mass texting to the next level with 2-way texting (peer-to-peer texting) today!

Mass Texting, Made Easy

Send Bulk Text Message Campaigns in Seconds

Landline Texting

Text-to-landline allows you to send and receive text messages from a landline telephone number – text enable your current landline number or register a new one to use with texting. You will then be able to set up peer-to-peer texting, using 2-way texting mentioned above, with your existing landline number – this is great for churches, nonprofits or any other organization that already have an established landline number for communication.

Hustle Logo

2. Hustle

According to their website, “Hustle is the best person-to-person texting platform for creating meaningful relationships that drive engagement, action, and revenue.”


  • Real-Time Responses
  • Easy-to-Use Platform
  • Analytics

Real-Time Responses

Real-Time Responses - Hustle

Tap into Hustle’s brand-new Conversational Video Suite; build meaningful two-way conversations with text and video; include personalized videos, links, funny GIFs, and emojis.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Easy-to-Use Platform - Hustle

Assign agents (or teams of agents) their own texting goals to reach more of your audience, faster; build easy-to-use, templated responses in the form of scripts that your agents can utilize to efficiently scale their reach; quickly respond to questions in less time, with less effort.


Analytics - Hustle

Track link clicks and engagement for your campaigns; analyze delivery and response rates; use data to optimize future outreach.

Peerly Logo

3. Peerly

According to their website, Peerly offers “two-way texts at scale for political campaigns, non-profits, fundraising, polling & surveys.”


  • TruHD Video Texting
  • Custom Fonts
  • AMP{AI}

TruHD Video Texting

TruHD Video Texting - Peerly

Send a 60-second HD Video & include up to 2,000 letters of text.

Use Custom Fonts

Use Custom Fonts - Peerly

Include custom fonts to make messages POP.


AMP{AI} - Peerly

A transformative tool to enhance your campaign’s texting outreach.

RumbleUp Logo

4. RumbleUp

According to their website, “RumbleUp is the market leader in peer to peer texting trusted by over 3,000+ campaigns and organizations to quickly engage any size audience via SMS, MMS or Video Text.”


  • Client Support
  • Performance Transparency
  • Award-Winning Tools

Client Support

Client Support - RumbleUp

From account creation to final message sent, our team of P2P texting experts is there every step of the way to ensure your messages get delivered successfully.

Performance Transparency

Performance Transparency - RumbleUp

All clients have access to detailed reports on campaign performance, including message delivery and response rates, and are educated on new factors affecting the texting ecosystem.

Award-Winning Tools

Award-Winning Tools - RumbleUp

Our diverse client base has access to critically acclaimed texting tools to meet their needs, including Award Winning Enhanced Video Texting, Award Winning Multilingual Texting, AAPC People’s Choice Award Winner.

Drift Logo

5. Drift

According to their website, Drift is “an AI-powered buyer engagement platform that automatically listens, understands, and learns from buyers to create the most personalized experiences possible.”


  • Traffic Conversion Tools
  • Account Targeting
  • Increased Productivity

Traffic Conversion Tools

Traffic Conversion Tools - Drift

Identify website visitors and understand their intent to deliver personalized experiences that qualify and mature them down the funnel.

Account Targeting

Account Targeting - Drift

Recognize target accounts and their interactions with you from site traffic to engage in a personalized, 1:1 way at exactly the right time.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity - Drift

Speed up sales cycles by engaging prospects with valuable, real-time conversations that lead to opportunities.

How To Choose The Best P2P Texting Platform

Ease of Use

A user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation can save time and frustration for both the sender and receiver. Look for platforms that offer simple setup processes, customizable templates, and easy contact management.

Customer Service

In case of any technical issues or questions, it is important to have access to reliable support from the provider. Look for platforms that offer 24/7 customer service, multiple methods of contact (such as phone, email, or chat), and a knowledge base or FAQ section for self-help.

Value for Money

While peer-to-peer texting can be a highly effective communication tool, consider the pricing plans and features offered by different platforms and compare them to your budget and needs. Look for platforms that offer flexible payment options, such as pay-per-use or subscription plans.

PlatformEase of UseCustomer SupportOther FeaturesPricingScore

Get Started With Peer-To-Peer Texting Today

If you’re looking to improve your communication with customers, clients or colleagues, peer-to-peer texting is a great option to consider. With its personal and direct approach, it can help businesses build stronger relationships and increase engagement.

If you’re looking for a simple and reliable platform, DialMyCalls is a great option with its mass notification capabilities via phone calls, text messages, and emails. It’s a B2B SaaS platform and one of the best mass texting services, offering a user-friendly interface and customizable options for businesses of all sizes, including features that help you learn how to do a blast text.

You can try DialMyCalls free today and experience the power of peer-to-peer texting with our 2-way texting feature and more exciting communication options!

Peer-to-Peer Texting FAQs

What is a Peer-to-Peer Texting Platform?

A peer-to-peer texting platform is a powerful communication tool that allows individuals or organizations to send personalized text messages directly to their contacts’ personal phones. It works by connecting the sender’s phone number with the recipient’s, allowing for direct and immediate communication.

Is it Legal to Peer-to-Peer Text Messages?

Yes, it is legal to send peer-to-peer text messages in most countries. The legality of peer-to-peer texting largely depends on the specific laws and regulations governing telecommunication and data privacy in each country. In most cases, as long as you have obtained consent from the recipient to receive text messages from you, peer-to-peer texting is considered legal.

What is an Example of Peer-to-Peer?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) technology has been around for decades and has revolutionized the way people share information and resources. One of the most popular examples of P2P is file sharing, where users can directly exchange files with each other without using a central server or intermediary. However, P2P technology has evolved beyond just file sharing – it has now entered the world of texting.

An example of P2P texting is when two individuals communicate with each other directly through a messaging app, without the need for a cellular network or internet connection. This technology enables users to send and receive text messages even in areas with limited or no connectivity.

How Does Peer-to-Peer Work?

In peer-to-peer texting, participants use specialized software or apps to send mass texts to large groups of people at once. These platforms often allow users to personalize their messages by including first names and other custom information. The recipients then have the option to reply individually or in group chats.

What are the Advantages of P2P?

  1. Personalized Communication: One of the biggest advantages of P2P texting is its personalization. Unlike mass messaging, where a single message is sent to multiple recipients, P2P texting allows individuals to have one-on-one conversations with each other.
  2. Higher Open and Response Rates: Studies have shown that P2P texts have higher open and response rates compared to traditional methods of communication like email or phone calls. This is because people are more likely to read and respond to a text message than an email or answer an unknown number.
  3. Cost-Effective: Since P2P texting does not require the use of a third-party service or app, it can be a cost-effective communication method for businesses and organizations. This is especially beneficial for non-profits or political campaigns that may not have a large budget for marketing and communication.
  4. Real-Time Communication: P2P texting allows for real-time communication between individuals, making it an efficient way to have conversations without any delays. This is particularly useful in urgent situations where immediate responses are required.
  5. Higher Engagement: With the rise of social media and messaging apps, people have become accustomed to instant gratification when it comes to communication. P2P texting provides this instant engagement as messages are delivered straight to the recipient’s phone, resulting in higher response rates.

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