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Looking for a mass texting platform that allows you to send SMS campaigns to your entire contact list in just minutes? Well, with our easy to use mass texting platform, you can easily send text messages to an entire list of phone numbers all at once. Afterward you'll get a detailed campaign performance report with what happened on each text message sent.

Whether you have 5 or 50,000 contacts, our bulk SMS service is the best way to stay in touch with your customers, supporters, or group members!


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Why Use A Bulk Texting Service?

Get Your Message Seen

SMS messages have an incredible 98% open rate, meaning more people will see your message than with channels like email or another communication strategy.

Reach People Faster

Not only do text messages have high open rates, but most recipients open them in just minutes. This quick communication is vital for emergency situations or sending alerts.

Automated Workflows

Mass texting services make life a lot simpler for you, whether you’re scheduling a text for later, sending recurring messages, or setting up automatically triggered SMS campaigns.

Monitor Your Results

The only way to see how many people you’re reaching and other key stats is by using mass texting services. This is especially important for businesses and marketing, where tracking performance data is essential.

Contact Everyone At Once

Perhaps the best thing about a mass texting service is that you can message all of your contacts at once. Whether you are a small business and want to sign up for 5,000 texts or a church that needs 50, DailMyCalls has the features you need to effectively communicate with your contacts.

Save Time

By communicating with your entire contact list with just one message, and by setting up features like auto-replies and keyword opt-ins, you can save time in both communicating and driving opt-ins. This allows you to spend your time on other tasks that can’t be automated.

Types Of Messages You Can Send With Our Texting Service

Scheduled Text Messages
Scheduled Text Messages

Scheduled Text Messages

One of the many benefits of an automated text message service is the ability to schedule texts in advance.

For example, say you want to send an SMS message at midnight on a Tuesday. It’s likely you won’t want to have to be awake and working at that exact moment.

With DialMyCalls, you can simply write the message in advance, choose your contacts, and select the date and time at which they would like for it to be sent. When the time comes, there’s no action necessary on your part. The automated text message system does all the work.

Recurring Text Messages

Another form of scheduled text message with DailMyCalls’ mass texting service is a recurring text message.

This type of message allows you to send an SMS multiple times. For example, this could be a reminder that there’s a book report due every Friday, that rent is due on the 2nd of each month, or that residents must clean up after their pets.

Regardless of the message, the texts can be written in advance. Then, after a contact list is selected, you can choose the frequency at which the message is sent.

After setting up the message, you’ve completed your part. The message will go out as scheduled, however frequently you set it to be sent.

Automatically Triggered Mass Texting Messaging

While a mass texting service can help you set a time and date to send mass text messages, this feature can sometimes fall short. For example, what if you don’t know when a recipient will need a specific piece of information?

This is when you can make use of automatically triggered messages.

This allows you to set a trigger for a specific message to go out when a specific action occurs. Usually, this means that an automated text response is sent when someone texts a short code, clicks a link, or signs up via a survey.

The response could be a welcome message or the answer to a specific question. After setup, the entire process takes no effort on the part of the sender—it’s fully automated.

Immediate Delivery

If the SMS message you want to send is urgent and not date- or action-specific, you can also choose to send it immediately.

This is especially important in cases like emergencies, where time is of the essence. Fortunately, with the send now option, you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary.

Just write your message, choose your contact group, and send.

Mass Texting Service Features

Before selecting a mass texting service, it’s key to make sure it has all the features you need. Fortunately, DialMyCalls offers a powerful suite of tools for any industry or application.

Who Can Use A Mass Texting Service?


Mass Text Messaging For Businesses

Bulk texting software is critical, both for reaching customers and employees. Whether you’re a small business or your company has hundreds of employees, you can take advantage of our mass texting service for business.

Customer Communication

When it comes to customer communication, our mass texting service offers three key features. First, to move customers down your sales funnel, you can make use of SMS marketing for business. It’s also key to keep them up to date via SMS customer notifications. Finally, we provide customer service texting tools to help them contact you in the most intuitive way possible.

Employee Communication

Effective communication with your employees is also an essential part of running any successful business. Fortunately, we offer two great features to keep in contact with them. First, keep them up to date using the employee notification system. To let them reach you, set up an employee hotline where you can receive complaints and suggestions.


Mass Texting Service For Nonprofits

If you’re looking to improve your communication with donors, volunteers, or organization members, then our mass texting service for nonprofits is perfect. There are lots of ways nonprofits can use bulk texting. For example, you can send out social club reminders via bulk SMS to keep members in the loop. Meanwhile, if your organization needs volunteers for an upcoming event, send them texts with our volunteer outreach alerts. Finally, if you run a nonprofit like a library, you can use our mass texting service to send overdue book notices.


Mass Texting Service For Churches

Our mass texting service for churches is the most efficient way to keep your congregation updated and bring the community closer together. For example, you can send announcements and notifications via SMS with a church phone tree. Or, if you have an event coming up, let your congregation know and keep them in the loop with church event reminders.


Mass Texting Service For Real Estate & Property Management

The mass texting service for real estate offers solutions for all types of landlords and property managers. With bulk SMS rent reminders, collecting rent has never been easier. You can also keep your tenants safe with property emergency notifications. There are plenty of other uses too, like HOA meeting reminders, maintenance updates, and more!


Mass Texting Service For Schools

Whether you’re an elementary school, high school, or university, there will be times you need to utilize bulk texts. Our mass texting service for schools allows you to send parent notifications and school emergency text alerts. You can even keep teachers, students, and their families updated on delays and closures with school closure alerts.


Mass Texting Service For Sports Teams & Leagues

Whether you’re running a sports team or league, it’s critical to keep everyone in the loop with up to date information. With a mass texting service for sports, you can send out team reminders about when practice and games are. You can also send out practice or game cancellation updates in case of any last minute changes.


Mass Texting Service For Emergencies

Nobody likes to think about the possibility of a crisis or urgent situation, but they do happen. Fortunately, with our mass texting service for emergencies, you know you’ll be prepared. With DialMyCalls, you can broadcast emergency text alerts directly to those who’ve opted-in. This is really useful for sending neighborhood crime watch updates or weather alerts.


Mass Texting Service For Events

If you’ve got a big party coming up, then check out our mass texting service for events. You can send event cancellation texts, event reminder texts, or text message invitations. Whether you want to send a birthday party invite, baby shower invite, or wedding invitation, we have the tools to make sure all your friends make it!

How To Use Our Mass Texting Service


Step 1

Add Your Contacts

Use our keyword system to let people opt-in to your messages. If you already have a list of opt-ins from another provider you can easily import or add your numbers.


Step 2

Write Your Bulk SMS Message

Type out the message you wish to be sent. You can even link together multiple messages to be sent one right after another.


Step 3

Send or Schedule Your Mass Text

Send it out right now, or schedule a specific date and time. After your broadcast is sent, you’ll have access to a detailed report with who received the messages and if they replied.

How To Choose A Mass Texting Service

Proven Results

It’s key to choose a mass texting service that’s been proven to deliver high-quality solutions for all types of organizations. Fortunately, DialMyCalls has lots of case studies showcasing how we’re able to help businesses, communities, and more. For example, you can read about how we helped Acrobat Outsourcing set up SMS staffing notifications. You can also read about how Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas set up emergency text notifications.


The mass texting service you choose should also have lots of experience providing mass notification solutions. DialMyCalls started in 1999 as a wake up call service, when we started off actually making the calls ourselves. We’ve come a long way since then! 16 years ago, we implemented our first automated calling technology, and we continuously built on our success with bulk SMS services and other innovative automated communication technology.

Integration With Your Current Workflow

Making sure your bulk SMS service integrates with your current workflow is also critical, especially for businesses. Fortunately, DialMyCalls’ mass notification integrations support some of the most popular business tools on the market today.

Great Support Team

Our goal is to make DialMyCalls the most intuitive and user-friendly mass texting service on the market. To help achieve this, we take pride in our customer service, which is available seven days a week from our offices in Florida and Texas. Simply contact us via toll-free call, online web-based chat, or email, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Kristin S.

“I am loving Dialmycalls for sending out reminder texts to meeting attendees! I can schedule them ahead of time and know they will be delivered to the recipient.”

Edie Anne P.

I love the easy user friendly site! Creating a call or a text is a breeze! I use this service for my team communication.

Stella G.

It is great to have another resource to give additional personal contact particularly with the texting and phone message ability.

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Mass Texting Service FAQs

What Is Mass Text Messaging?

A mass texting service is part of our mass notification system that allows you to send bulk messages directly to recipients’ phones. Once the texts are sent you're able to see a detailed report of what happened on each individual message.

Is There A Free Texting Service?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any free mass texting services available. However, DialMyCalls does offer 25 free message credits when you sign up, and there are no setup or carrier fees.

Additionally, we charge on a sliding scale. This means the less contacts you have, the less money you need to spend. Likewise, for credit-based plans, the less credits you require, the less you need to spend.

How Much Is A Mass Texting Service?

The cost of a mass texting service depends on a variety of factors, like whether you choose a contact-based or credit-based plan, how many contacts you have, and how many credits you need.

To send bulk texts to the same group of people each month, the Standard Monthly Plan pricing begins at less than $7 a month for 25 contacts.

Meanwhile, to send mass texts to a list of frequently changing contacts, you’ll want to opt Premium Monthly Plan or Pay As You Go Plan, which starts at less than $9 a month for 150 credits and $10 a month for 140 credits, respectively.

Is There A Way To Mass Text People?

The only way to mass text people is with a mass texting service. Typical phone carriers are not intended for bulk SMS. In fact, trying to do so could get your number blocked, suspended, or marked as spam.

Meanwhile, mass texting services are approved to send bulk texts, though you do need to make sure everyone on your list has opted-in to receive messages. If your recipients have not given you explicit consent to message them, you may be breaking the law.

How Can I Send 100 Texts At Once?

To send 100 text messages at once, you can use a platform like DialMyCalls to send them all out at once. Once you’ve signed up, simply import your contacts, write and set up your message, and schedule it to be sent.

Is There A Maximum Text Messaging Limit?

The maximum limit for one of our SMS text messages is 157 characters. If you need more space, you can always send a link in your text providing more in-depth information.

Remember, when communicating via text, it’s typically a good idea to keep your messages as short and concise as possible.

How Many Text Messages Can I Send At A Time?

As long as you use a mass texting service, like DialMyCalls, there’s no limit to the number of text messages you can send at once. However, you do need to ensure all of your recipients have given you explicit consent to message them so you comply with the law.

What Is The Mass Text App That Sends 1000 Text Messages?

The DialMyCalls Mobile App lets you send 1,000 or more all at once. You can even personalize each message with our variable texting feature, which allows you to insert variables like @FirstName and @LastName.

What Is The Difference Between SMS and MMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service, whereas MMS stands for Multimedia Message Service. The difference between SMS and MMS is that SMS only allows you to send text and links, while MMS allows you to send photos and videos directly in your message.

How Do You Send A Mass Text On An iPhone?

To send a mass text from your iPhone, simply download a mass texting app like DialMyCalls. Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up for a plan, you can add your contacts, set up your message, and send it.

Remember, traditional phone carriers do not permit mass texts, so you must use a speciality service. If you don’t, your phone carrier could block or suspend your number.