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2-Way Communication Made Easy

With the DialMyCalls 2-way texting service you can easily respond back and forth with people through both our web interface and mobile app. You can get a local or toll-free number when signing up or even text-enable an existing landline phone number. It takes only minutes and is affordable and easy to use.

Are you using two-way texting for business? If you send out a text message broadcast from our system your recipients can respond back and start real-time, one-on-one conversations. This is an especially effective tool for businesses and customer service, but all kinds of organizations can utilize it.

So, whether you’re a small business owner or church leader, let’s explore what 2-way SMS is, how you can use it, and how to get started.


What is Two Way Text Messaging Software?

Two-way texting allows real-time text message exchanges between parties. It's valuable for customer support, appointment confirmations, surveys, and marketing in business contexts, offering convenience and integration options for effective communication.

While one-directional texting has its place, like in cases of notifications or alerts, a lot of the time you’ll want a response to your message.

For example, you can distribute a poll or survey through mass text and get the results back using only SMS. Or, you may want customers to be able to contact your customer support team through SMS.

We discuss how all kinds of organizations can use this feature later on.

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Why Choose Two-Way Texting Over Traditional Methods?

Choosing two-way texting over traditional communication methods offers several advantages:


Texting is quick and efficient, allowing for asynchronous communication, unlike phone calls or face-to-face meetings that require immediate attention.


Texting is widely accessible, as most people have mobile phones and can send and receive text messages, making it a universal communication channel.


Text messages provide a written record of conversations, which can be useful for reference, dispute resolution, or documentation of agreements.


Texting doesn’t interrupt individuals, as they can respond at their convenience, reducing the chances of missed connections or ignored calls.


Texting is often more cost-effective than making phone calls, especially for international or long-distance communication.


Businesses can personalize text messages, making them more engaging and tailored to the recipient, enhancing customer relationships.


Two-way texting can be automated using chatbots or autoresponders, enabling 24/7 customer support and efficient handling of routine inquiries.

High Open Rates

Text messages typically have higher open rates compared to email, ensuring that messages reach their intended recipients.


People tend to engage with text messages promptly, making it an effective channel for marketing and customer engagement.


Two-way texting can be integrated with CRM systems and other software, streamlining communication processes and improving overall efficiency.

Overall, two-way texting is a modern and versatile communication method that offers numerous benefits over traditional approaches, making it an attractive choice for businesses and individuals looking for effective, convenient, and accessible communication solutions.

Benefits of Using Two Way Text Messaging Software

Real-time Text Message Replies

Our 2-Way SMS Software allows customers to have direct text message conversations in real time. 

Whether it be for customer support for your business or prayer requests at your church, you and your recipients can communicate instantly.

Create Engaging 1-on-1 Conversations

Though you may be sending a single text to hundreds of people, recipients’ responses will only be sent to you.

Unlike traditional group text responses, this allows you to have one-on-one conversations and manage them all in one central location.

Better Customer Support & ROI

For businesses, two-way texting can improve both your customer service and ROI.

For example, customers can text your customer support team directly, and resolve any issues they may have. This is especially important for younger audiences, since 75% of millennials avoid phone calls.

Additionally, the ability to respond to potential customers’ questions and inquiries quickly can improve conversions and increase ROI.

Easier Data Collection & Tracking

Since two way text messaging allows you to centralize all of your communication in your DialMyCalls dashboard, it’s much easier to track all your conversations.

All your communication is in one place, so it’s also easier to analyze your SMS analytics reports without needing to compile data from other tools and software. After all, you won’t have to juggle between different platforms and apps.

You can even use features like polls and surveys to receive recipient feedback directly and in real-time.

Affordable Two Way Text Messaging

DialMyCalls makes 2 way SMS affordable. The feature is included for free in our Premium Monthly Plan. For our Standard Monthly and Pay As You Go Plans, it costs an additional $14.99 per month.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to receive unlimited inbound messages, and you can send up to 450 SMS replies. If you need more replies, you can purchase them for just a few cents each.

Two-Way Text Messaging Software Features

Polling, Surveys, & RSVP

Looking to gauge opinion on your latest product design? Want feedback on your latest event? Then our text message polling and survey features are the perfect solution.

With the power of two way text messaging software, you can ask recipients to complete polls or surveys, and receive responses directly in your DialMyCalls dashboard.

If you have an event coming up, you can even collect RSVPs to get an idea of your attendance numbers.

Whether you’re collecting customer reviews, seeking member opinions in a community, or tallying up attendees for an event, our 2-way SMS software streamlines the process.

Long Code SMS Vanity Numbers

You can use long code SMS to send and receive texts from a conventional-looking phone number. 

Unlike short code SMS, which is only 5 to 6 digits and often shared by multiple organizations, long code is a traditional 10-digit number.

Better yet, you can purchase a vanity number to select a local area code for your number, or text enable your existing landline. Using a local or existing number helps recipients know they aren’t receiving spam text messages from an anonymous source.

Overall, using long code SMS with two-way texting is an incredibly powerful business solution. It helps customers know exactly what number to contact and allows you to have direct, real-time conversations.

Text Enable a Landline

While you have the option of purchasing a new local vanity number or using a new toll-free phone number, you can also use your existing landline.

This can be especially convenient for businesses who want to keep all of their customer communication on one phone number. This simplifies things for customers, and keeps all your communication centralized.

Just text-enable your landline, and you can start sending and receiving messages via your DialMyCalls account.

Text Message Reply Notifications

Once you add two way texting to your account, you’ll be able to set up notifications so you never miss a message and can reply quickly.

DialMyCalls can notify you via email, SMS, or both. You have the option to choose whether you want notifications for every message, or just the first time someone contacts you.

Incoming Text Message Analytics

Another benefit of two-way text messaging is that you can view a detailed report of all your conversations. 

You’ll have access to advanced analytics displaying all incoming and outgoing text messages to and from your long code SMS number. 

You can download copies of your reports as .csv files to keep for your records.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Our easy-to-use interface is super intuitive, and you’ll be able to start making the most of two-way text messaging in no time.

You can send and receive messages directly from your DialMyCalls dashboard, and all your communication is centralized. This makes things easy to track, ensuring messages never go unanswered.

Two-Way SMS App

Not only can you send mass texts and replies from your desktop, but you can also use our 2-way SMS app, available on both iOS and Android devices. 

Check your incoming text message replies and set up push notification alerts right from your mobile phone.

Who Can Use 2-Way SMS Text 


Schools can create a direct line of communication between teachers and parents by utilizing two-way texting. In fact, teachers and school officials can quickly create a 1-on-1 text conversation with parents.

There are plenty of other ways schools can implement two-way text messaging too.

For example, schools can combat bullying by setting up a 2-way SMS account for students to text school officials.

The two-way texting platform allows school officials to instantly reply back to students so they can take action to thwart any bullying.

Student Parent Reminder


Church leaders can let members know about special events like fundraisers and charity drives.

For example, you might ask for volunteers via text, and recipients can use 2-way SMS to reply whether or not they’re able to help out.

Churches can also utilize 2-way text messaging for prayer requests. For example, congregation members can simply text in their request via the church’s long code SMS vanity number.

Quick Reminder for Church


Businesses of all sizes can utilize two-way text messaging for things like sending out polls to customers. You can view all your replies and follow-up right within the DialMyCalls dashboard.

You can also use 2-way SMS for customer support texting. Just give out your Long Code SMS number and have customers text you with questions. You are able to see those replies in real-time and respond back within seconds!

Finally, businesses can make use of SMS marketing. For example, you could send out a text with an exclusive deal like "Flash sale! 50% off on selected items for the next 2 hours. Interested? Reply 'SHOW' to see the items or 'SKIP' to ignore."

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Real Estate & Property Management

Two-way texting is essential to property managers and landlords for a number of reasons.

For example, you’re able to use the same phone number to talk to all of your tenants. It’s also easier to follow up with prospective tenants.2-way text messaging software is also a great tool for dealing with tenants’ maintenance inquiries. Simply let your tenants message you at one number, and you can deal with any problems immediately.

Of course, other use cases include requesting feedback or surveys, event or open house RSVPs, and lease renewal inquiries.

Emergency Notification


Nonprofits can also make use of two-way text messaging in a multitude of ways.

For example, if you need help for an upcoming charity event, consider sending a volunteer outreach alert. Potential volunteers can then respond directly to your message with their availability.

You might even think about sending donation request texts during a donation drive. For instance, you could send a mass text that says "Support our winter clothing drive. Text 'DONATE' to make a contribution".

If they text back the keyword “DONATE”, you can set up an automated text to send them a link to your donation page.

Volunteer Alert

Other Types of Organizations

Lots of other organizations can make use of two-way texting software too. For example, healthcare facilities can use it to communicate with staff, collect patient feedback, or provide health tips.

Meanwhile, government agencies can promote community engagement and collect feedback from the people they serve. Even clubs and social groups can use 2-way text messaging software to collect RSVPs or talk directly with potential members.

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How To Use Two-Way Text Messaging

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1. Activate Two-Way Text Messaging

The first step to getting started with two-way SMS is to activate the feature in your DialMyCalls account. Just select or purchase the long code SMS vanity number you’d like to use, and we’ll set up the backend. Remember, the number you select is what your recipients will see when you message them.

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2. Configure Two-Way Text Messaging

Once we activate two-way texting on your long code SMS number, your next step is to configure your settings. This mostly consists of setting up your notifications. You can select whether you want to be notified via text, email, or both, as well as if you want to be notified after every message or only the first message. Configuring notification settings is key to ensure you never miss a message and your recipients get quick replies.

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3. Send Messages & Reply

Now that your two-way SMS software is activated and configured, you’re ready to start using it. Let your customers, group members, or other recipients know what your number is and tell them they can text that number directly. From there, be sure to monitor your notifications and dashboard so you can respond to any messages. Inbound texts will appear in your dashboard in real-time, allowing for instant communication.

FAQs on Two-Way Text Messaging

How secure is two-way text messaging?

All information is solely property of your organization and will never be used by DialMyCalls in any way. DialMyCalls uses military grade 256-Bit SSL encryption as well as routine PCI compliance scans to ensure your information is stored in a secure environment.

Can I integrate two-way texting with my CRM or other software tools?

DialMyCalls offers integrations to many other applications as well as a robust API to create custom integrations for your organization.

How many recipients can I contact at once with two-way texting?

You can use DialMyCalls' mass texting feature to send out a text message to all of your opted-in contacts at once - those recipients can then reply back and those replies will show up in your 2-way texting interface.

Start Real-Time Conversations With Two-Way Text Messaging Software

While mass texting is a powerful tool on its own, the addition of two-way text messaging software can take your communication to the next level. You can contact hundreds of people at once with the ability to engage in real-time, one-on-one conversations. Whether you're a business, church, or school, there’s no shortage of ways to implement 2-way SMS. Ready to try it out? Then create your account now! You can send 25 free text messages or calls, and there’s no credit card required.

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