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Major Features of 2-way SMS Text Messaging

  • Instantly Receive Replies From Text Recipients
  • Create Engaging 1-on-1 Conversations
  • Polling / RSVP
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Personal Long Code SMS Vanity Number
  • Detailed Text Message Analytics
  • Mobile App & 2-Way SMS Push Notifications
  • Only $19.99/month (Unlimited Inbound Messages, 450 SMS Replies)

2-Way SMS Tutorials

Want to learn more about our 2-Way SMS text messaging platform? Check out our in-depth tutorial videos to get an overview of how the service can benefit you and start sending out text messages today!

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Mobile App

Our 2-way SMS Platform is available on both iOS and Android devices. Check your incoming text message replies, set up push notification alerts, right from your mobile device.

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2-Way SMS Features

Create engaging conversations via text message and use all the features that come bundled with our 2-way SMS platform such as longcode SMS, detailed analytics, push notifications, and much more!

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Who Can Use 2-Way SMS Text Messaging?

SMS Solutions for Schools

Create a direct line of communication between teachers and the parents of their students by utilizing two-way texting – teachers and school officials can quickly create a 1-on-1 text with parents. Schools can also combat bullying by setting up a 2-way SMS account for students to text school officials — the two-way texting platform will allow school officials to instantly reply back to students in an effort to thwart any bullying that may occur.

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Text Messaging for Churches

Members of your church can opt-in to receive text messages and then you can communicate with them for special events such as fundraisers or charity drives — ask for volunteers via text and they can use 2-way SMS to reply whether or not they are able to help out. Church leaders can also utilize 2-way text messaging for prayer requests – congregation members can simply text in their request via the church’s long code SMS vanity number.

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Business SMS Platform

Business text messaging is a brand new way to engage with your customers. Set up your own business SMS platform with DialMyCalls and you will quickly see results. Send out polls to your customers regarding your business and view all replies, instantly. 2-way SMS can also be used for customer support – give out your Long Code SMS number and have customers text you with questions. You are able to see those replies in real-time and respond back within seconds!

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