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Push To Repeat

Do you have an important message that needs to be heard by all of your contacts? Make sure that every detail of your recording is comprehended by giving your voice broadcast recipients the ability to listen to the message one additional time. Customers of DialMyCalls can use our “Push To Repeat” feature to allow their call recipients the ability to listen to the message two times.

Our push to repeat advanced calling feature is available for all users and costs an additional 1/2 credit per contact to be utilized on a voice broadcast – this feature is included at no extra cost for customers that are enrolled in a monthly plan.

Above Image: Give your call recipients the ability to listen to your broadcast one additional time.

Recipients of your voice broadcast that has the push to repeat feature added to it will be able to hit a key on their phone to listen to the message once more. Upon completion, your detailed call report will let you know how many of your contacts utilized the advanced calling feature.

Above Image: Check the broadcast report for your call that had push to repeat added to it to see how many recipients used the feature.

Let’s say that your factory is closed on a certain date and you want to ensure that all of your employees know not to show up – use the push to repeat feature so that they can listen to your message twice just in case they did not catch the closure date the first time around.

If you have any further questions regarding our Push To Repeat feature, please contact us.

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