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Quickly create a message to send out to all of your contacts by simply typing out your message into our top-notch text-to-speech recording tool. Customers that simply do not have the time to record a message over the phone or upload an audio file can utilize this option to create a realistic computer-generated message.

Text-To-Speech Samples

DialMyCalls Text-To-Speech English Recording:


DialMyCalls Text-To-Speech Spanish Recording:



Any customer that logs into their DialMyCalls account will immediately have access to our online text-to-speech conversion tool. From the “Recordings” tab click on “Use This Tool” under the Text-To-Speech option and you will then be able to create a message to send out to your contacts.

English Text-To-Speech Recordings:

Our text-to-speech platform is extremely accurate and quick when converting a text message into a recording that can be sent out to all of your contacts. In comparison to other text-to-speech systems out there, ours sounds professional and realistic – a call recipient will barely be able to notice it is a robotic voice that they are listening to.


DialMyCalls Text-To-Speech Recording (English) - Version 3

Spanish Text-To-Speech Recordings:

DialMyCalls offers the ability for our customers to create a text-to-speech message in Spanish. Unlike traditional free text-to-speech tools that only offer the English language, you are able to select between a male or female voice, type out your message in Spanish and within seconds you will have a high quality recording to send out to your contacts – it really is that simple!


DialMyCalls Text-To-Speech Recording (Spanish) - Version 3
Above Image: Generate a high quality Spanish text-to-speech text-to-speech recording. (V3)

Once you have typed out your message, our system will immediately generate an audio file and add the recording to your account. At this point in time you will be able to select your text-to-speech message and broadcast it to all of your contacts at once. Please keep in mind that we do recommend messages of at least 15 seconds in length so that our AccurateAMD™ answering machine detection can work to its full potential.

If you have any questions regarding our text-to-speech recording tool, please contact us.

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