AccurateAMD™ Answering Machine Detection System

Our AccurateAMD™ has one of the highest success rates for answering machine detection systems in the business. When customer's send out voice broadcasts, the AccurateAMD™ system is utilized to determine whether or not the call was picked up by a live person or an answering machine (voicemail).

When utilizing our answering machine detection system, customers are able to view call reports to check and see which calls were receive by a live person and which were left on a voicemail – due to the accuracy of our system, we are able to listen for the beep on an answering machine at which point in time the message will be played so that it’s not cut off.

It is important to note that your call recipients should answer the phone with “hello” to help improve the accuracy of the call – answering a call with silence may throw off the system and cause a delay in the recording being played.

While the system is 98% accurate, it is not perfect and several factors may alter the accuracy of our AMD system – background noise and a bad connection between DialMyCalls and the recipient’s local phone provider are two known issues. On a small portion of calls, a voicemail may be detected as a live answer at which point in time only a portion of the recording will be left on the answering machine – this does not happen often but if it does, please contact us with the phone number it happened to so that we can investigate the issue.

*Note: We do not have the ability to send a voice broadcast directly to an answering machine – the ability to toggle AMD off has been removed in Version 3.

If you have any additional questions regarding our AccurateAMD™ answering machine detection system, please contact us.

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