Play Different Messages For Live Answers And Voicemails

Customers of our voice broadcasting service have two different options when setting up a call to go out to their recipients. The first "Traditional Method" will allow you to select one recording which will be played when the call is a live answer or picked up by an answering machine. A second, new feature, has been added that will allow you to select a recording to be played if it's a live answer and then a different recording if a voicemail is detected - the ability to select two recordings is available for all customers using credits or a monthly plan.

Once you have logged in and started to set up a new call broadcast, you will be given the option to use our traditional method where only one recording is selected or our new method which allows you to select two different recordings.

Using the new feature, you will first be asked to “Select A Live Answer Recording” from the menu. Look through your list of recordings that are in your account and choose the one that you would like to be played when a live person, not an answering machine, receives your phone call.

Once you have selected your live answer recording it will now be time to select the message that will be left on a recipient’s voicemail. Again, from your list of recordings you will want to select a message that you want to be played when our system detects an answering machine.

Upon reaching the confirmation step of your voice broadcast you will be able to listen to both of your recordings that you have selected – please make sure that the proper live answer/voicemail messages have been picked.

A detailed call report will be generated for your broadcast once it has reached all of the contacts that it was sent to. On the report you will be able to listen to both of the recordings you selected as well as determine the contacts that received the live answer message versus those that received the voicemail recording.

Please refer to our AccurateAMD™ answering machine detection feature page to learn about how our system determines whether or not a call is received by a live person or an answering machine.

If you have any additional questions regarding the ability to select different recordings for live answers and voicemails, please contact us.

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