Long Code SMS | How To Use A Vanity Text Number [2023]

Long Code SMS lets you communicate with recipients from a vanity text number. It’s a crucial feature of any mass texting service, especially for businesses.

In fact, combining long code vanity numbers with two-way texting is an incredibly powerful business solution. Below, we discuss how to use it to improve your communication with customers, as well as uses for all types of organizations.

Additionally, we explain the advantages of using a long code vanity text number, and how to start using one yourself.

Ultimately, it’s never been a better time than now to transition away from short code to long code SMS. Whether you're setting up a customer support ticketing system or automating event invitations for your church, long code SMS is the perfect solution.

So, let’s discover how you can make the most of 10 digit vanity text numbers.

What is Long Code SMS?

Long Code SMS allows you to send text messages from a local 10-digit phone number of your choice.

One of the best advantages of long code SMS is the ability to use vanity text numbers. This lets you choose a unique number, which can be a powerful branding tool. For example, think of 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-CONTACTS.

These vanity numbers make it easy to remember the contact info of your business or organizations. Additionally, recipients may see messages from a 10-digit number as more personal and trustworthy.

Simply purchase a Vanity Phone Number and you can start sending text messages from that local number.

Short Code vs Long Code SMS

Unlike short code SMS, which typically uses a five- to six-digit code, long codes look the same as standard phone numbers we use every day.

Additionally, short code numbers were often shared amongst several businesses. Meanwhile, long code phone numbers are unique to every individual organization.

Finally, it’s worth noting that shared short codes have been phased out in the United States and Canada. So, it’s best to use a long code number to avoid any complications in the near future.

Traditional Long Code SMS

There are two different types of long code SMS. First is traditional long code SMS, which is designed for person to person (P2P) communication. 

These traditional long codes are the numbers we use every day in our personal communication. 

However, there are limitations to traditional long code SMS. For example, because they aren’t designed for mass texting, you’re typically limited to sending one SMS per second. Additionally, phone carriers may block your messages or mark them as spam.

If you’re looking to send texts to hundreds of people, you’ll need to make use of 10DLC.

10DLC (10 Digit Long Code)

10DLC, or 10 Digit Long Code, is a subset of traditional long code messaging. However, unlike other long code SMS, 10DLC is optimized for application to person (A2P) texting.

This means these numbers can handle a huge volume of messages without the restraints of other long code numbers. However, you still get the benefits of using a local 10 digit code.

DialMyCalls allows you to utilize 10DLC so you can send hundreds, or even thousands, of SMS messages at once.

Why Use Long Code SMS?

If you’re looking to start sending out bulk text messages, a long code SMS number is definitely the way to go.

Below, we discuss some of the advantages of long code SMS.

No More Shared Short Codes

Like we mentioned earlier, shared short code SMS have been phased out in the United States and Canada.

So, it makes sense to stay ahead of the curve and go with a solution that serves you both now and in the future.

Enable Landline Texting

Long code SMS also allows you to enable landline texting. Rather than have a different number for texting and calling, you use the same number for both forms of communication.

You can use your existing 10-digit business phone number, or purchase a new vanity number.

Brand Recognition

If you opt to purchase a vanity phone number, you can make the numbers correspond to a word related to your brand.

For example, if you run a plumbing business, you might want a number similar to 1-800-PLUMBER. Or, if you run a taxi service, you could try to purchase a number like 1-800-TAXICABS.

More Personal and Trustworthy

Since long code SMS uses the same phone number format we all use in our personal day to day communication, recipients prefer them.

By using a number that looks more familiar, recipients will see them as more personal and trustworthy.

Two-Way Communication

Using a long code number also allows you to engage in two-way texting with your recipients. This means you can have private, real-time conversations with them over your 10 digit number.

We discuss how to use two-way texting with long code SMS later on.

Avoid Shared Numbers

Short code SMS often used to require businesses to share the same number. However, with long codes, every organization gets their own unique phone number.

Overall, this can help reduce confusion amongst recipients and prevent overlap with other brands.

Long Code SMS Features

Using long code SMS allows you access to several features not available with short codes.

Below, we discuss the best advantages to using a 10 digit text number.

Send Text Messages From a Vanity Number

When you purchase a vanity number for long code SMS you can send out a text message broadcast from that vanity number. 

Your recipients will see your vanity phone number as the sender instead of a short code. This can help with brand recognition and reduce recipient confusion.

Note: When using a vanity number to send out text messages, texts are limited to one message per second (60 messages per minute).

Auto-Response Text Message

You’ll also be able to utilize our automated texting features. For instance, you can set up an auto-response text message when people text your long code SMS vanity number. 

For example, when someone sends you a text, our system can automatically reply with, “Thank you for your reply! Someone will contact you momentarily.”

Just use our two-way texting feature to communicate one-on-one in real-time.

Email and Text Message Notifications

By setting up automated notifications, you’ll be sure you never miss an incoming message to your long code number.

You can receive notifications via email or text message.

Advanced SMS Analytics

Finally, you can stay on top of all text messages sent to and from your DialMyCalls vanity number with our advanced SMS analytics

Members can view both incoming and outgoing text messages, as well as incoming calls to their personal vanity number. Better yet, you’re able to export a .CSV of your messages as well.

Long Code SMS & Two-Way Texting: A Powerful Business Solution

Looking to set up the perfect business SMS solution? Then we suggest purchasing a vanity text number and using it with our two-way text messaging feature. 

This allows you to instantly communicate 1-on-1 with your customers from a local and/or memorable number. 

For example, you could use Long Code SMS with two-way texting to set up a customer support ticketing system. Customers can simply text your long code, and your support team can start real-time chat sessions with them via text message.

Who Can Use Long Code SMS?

Many businesses and organizations can utilize the power of Long Code SMS, especially when combined with two-way text messaging. 

Below you can discover how different organizations are able to use our robust SMS solution.


Customer service texting is a vital part of any business in the digital age. Fortunately, DialMyCalls can help you keep in touch with your clients. 

Setting up long code SMS and two-way texting allows your customers to send in a support request via text message. Then, you can respond instantly to their inquiry from within your DialMyCalls account. 

Our threaded two-way text message chat window lets you easily track communication with customers.


Long code SMS gives members of your congregation a direct link to the pastor at your church via text message. 

Churches can also utilize our business SMS platform for prayer requests, or to ask for volunteers for upcoming events. 

For example, send a text stating that you’re in need of volunteers for a church event. Then, have your congregation members text your long code SMS number, letting you know if they’re able to help out.

Sports Leagues

Coaches and league managers can give out a local vanity number to every parent and player before the season begins. Then, let them know that if they ever have a question regarding game times or practices, they can simply text that Long Code SMS number.

With two-way texting, you can quickly and easily reply to parents or players from your DialMyCalls account.


Are you looking for volunteers for an upcoming food drive? Or, do you need to assemble a team to work a local charity event? 

Either way, by signing up for Long Code SMS and two-way texting, you’re able to easily communicate and recruit volunteers for your nonprofit. 

Give out your vanity number and have volunteers text you, letting you know if they’ll be able to help out at your upcoming food drive or charity event. 

From there, you can view responses in real-time from within your DialMyCalls account.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents can utilize long code SMS and two-way texting to communicate instantly with potential home buyers. 

A client that is looking at a specific house can simply text into the realtor’s long code SMS vanity number, asking for more information. 

You can then reply instantly from within your DialMyCalls account, sending over the requested details.

How Much Does Long Code SMS Cost?

By purchasing a vanity text number with DialMyCalls, you can set up a complete business solution. This includes long code SMS and lots of other essential mass texting features.

Toll-free numbers and vanity numbers are available in each of DialMyCalls’ pricing plans, though it does cost an extra $5 to $6 per month. If you prefer not to use a vanity number, one toll-free number is included in every plan.

Additionally, to enable two-way texting on the standard monthly or pay-as-you-go plans, it’s about an extra $15 per month. However, two-way texting is included in the premium monthly plan at no additional cost.

How To Set Up Your Own Long Code SMS Texting Solution

Setting up your own long code SMS solution is super simple with DialMyCalls.

First, create an account with DialMyCalls and select your very own local vanity phone number. To make the most of this feature, also consider purchasing the two-way text messaging feature to interact with recipients one-on-one in real-time.

Alternatively, you can use a free 10 digit toll-free phone number, or use your existing long code phone number. If you have any questions about setting things up, feel free to contact us.

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