Long Code SMS From Vanity Phone Numbers

Long code SMS provide the ability to utilize a vanity phone number for both text messages as well as phone calls. Setting up your own SMS long code is quick and cost-effective with DialMyCalls' mass notification platform.

Whether you are setting up a customer support ticketing system or automating event invitations for your church, long code SMS is your perfect solution.

What is Long Code SMS?

Long Code SMS allows you to send a text message from a local 10-digit phone number of your choice, rather than having to use a short code and SMS keyword. Simply purchase a Vanity Phone Number and you will then be able to send out text messages from that local number.

Business SMS Solution – Long Code SMS + Two-Way Text Messaging

How can you set up the perfect Business SMS solution? Companies can purchase a vanity phone number to use for text messaging. In addition to a vanity phone number, 2-way text messaging will allow for companies to communicate 1-on-1 with their customers, instantly. For example, a company can use Long Code SMS + Two-Way Texting to set up a customer support ticketing system — customers can text your long code and by using DialMyCalls’ 2-way Texting, you will be able to start real-time chat session with them via text message.

How Much Does Long Code SMS Cost?

Purchasing a vanity phone number to use for text messaging to set up a complete Business SMS solution will also include Two-Way Text Messaging — the package price is $19.99 per month. By combining the two, you will have the perfect text messaging solution for your business or organization. Send out text messages and instantly see the replies from within your DialMyCalls account. Below you will find the complete pricing breakdown of our Long Code SMS number and Two-Way Texting platform:

Business SMS Pricing

  • Monthly Fee: $19.99 every 30 days
  • Free Inbound Messages
  • Texts Included: 450 SMS Replies
  • Additional SMS Replies: 4.5/c per message

(Pricing Displayed Includes One (1) Long Code SMS Local Vanity Number and Two-Way Texting)

Long Code SMS Features

When purchasing a vanity number to use for text message broadcasts, you will receive a few new features that would not be available using our traditional short code SMS broadcasting system. Check out a list of the key features that are included when you purchase a long code SMS number:

Send Text Messages From a Vanity Number

When you purchase a vanity number for long code SMS you will then be able to send out a text message broadcast from that vanity number. Your recipients will see your vanity phone number as the sender instead of our short code, 80123. *When using a vanity number to send out text messages, texts are limited to one message per second (60 messages per minute).

Auto-Response Text Message

Set up an auto-response text message for when people send a text to your long code SMS vanity number. For example, when someone sends you a text, it could send a reply back with “Thank you for your reply! Someone will contact you momentarily.”

Email and Text Message Notifications

Do not miss an incoming reply to your long code SMS number by setting up automated notifications — you are able to receive a notification via email and/or text message.

Advanced SMS Analytics

Stay on top of all text messages sent to and from your DialMyCalls vanity number with our advanced analytics. Members can view both incoming and outgoing text messages as well as incoming calls to their personal vanity number — you are able to export a CSV of your messages as well.

How Can You Use Long Code SMS?

Many businesses and organizations can utilize the power of Long Code SMS and Two-Way Text Messaging. Below are a few examples of how different organizations are able to use our complete Business SMS solution:

  • Businesses – Customer support is the most important part of any business and DialMyCalls can help you keep in touch with your clients. Setting up Long Code SMS and Two-Way Texting will allow your customers to send in a support request via text message – you will then be able to respond instantly to their request from within your DialMyCalls account. Our threaded two-way text message chat window will allow you to easily communicate with customers that require assistance.
  • Churches – Give members of your congregation a direct link to the pastor at your church via text message. Churches can also utilize our business SMS platform for prayer requests and to ask for volunteers for upcoming events. Mention that you are in need of volunteers for a church event and have your congregation members text into your long code SMS number, letting you know if they are able to help out.
  • Sports Leagues – Coaches and league managers have a lot to handle when it comes to sports leagues, especially when it involves younger kids. Give out you local vanity number to every parent and player before the season begins and let them know that if they ever have a question regarding game times or practices, to simply text that Long Code SMS number — quickly and easily reply to parents or players, anywhere, from your DialMyCalls account.
  • Nonprofits – Are you looking for volunteers for an upcoming food drive? Maybe you need to assemble a team to work a local charity event. By signing up for Long Code SMS and Two-Way Texting you are able to easily communicate and recruit volunteers for your nonprofit. Give out your vanity number and have volunteers text in to you, letting you know if they will be able to help out at your upcoming food drive or charity event – view responses in real-time from within your DialMyCalls account.
  • Real Estate Agents – Real estate agents can utilize Long Code SMS and Two-Way Texting to communicate instantly with potential home buyers. A client that is looking at a specific house can simply text into the realtor’s long code SMS vanity number, asking for more information. The realtor can then reply instantly from within their DialMyCalls account, sending the requested details.

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